Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida High School Student Arrested After Posting “Threatening Video On TikTok!!! (9/14/2019)

High School Student Arrested After Posting “Threatening Video On TikTok!

Here we go again with fucktards making “joking threats” on social media and then when the authorities arrest said individual for their “joke” they don’t get why they’re being arrested.. Look it’s quite simple… If you make any type of “joke” about any sort of mass violence attacks you’ll be arrested… This fuckery is becoming so common we’re starting to wonder if some of these fucktards are doing this for attention, SHEESH!!

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Fuckery We Missed: 25 Year Old Man Addicted To PUBG Beheads Father For Scolding!! (9/12/2019) Him

25 Year Old Beheads Father Over Video Game!!

Excerpt From Article:

A 25-year-old polytechnic student allegedly killed his father in Kakati village in Karnataka’s Belagavi district after being chided for his addiction to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile game.

According to the police, Raghuveer Kumbar beheaded his father Shankar Devappa Kumbhar, a 61-year-old retired policeman, after a heated argument between the two over Raghuveer’s PUBG addiction.

An enraged Raghuveer cut off his father’s head and legs, the police said. He was arrested after neighbours alerted the police who rushed to the spot.

We don’t know how things are done in India but this man deserves the death penalty for this fuckery!! We at send our condolences to the ones who love this man.

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Today’s HumanFuckery: North Carolina Woman Accused Of Tying Up Spouse And Cutting Off His Dick!!! (9/11/2019)

Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Dick!!

We’re curious to know what this woman’s reasoning was behind this fuckery, unbelievable!!! We at wish this man a speedy recovery… Wow!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Men Pointed Handgun At McDonald’s Employee Over Cold Burgers!!! (9/10/2019)

Gun Pulled At Mcd’s Over Cold Burgers!!

Florida Man strikes again… So these fucktards pull fuckery like this pretty much over 5 burgers that cost maybe at the most $8… This fuckery is the epitome of human fuckery!! Please feel free to visit the see also links below for more Mcd’s fuckery!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Men Are Being Urged To Stop Rubbing Toothpaste Onto Their Dicks To Last Longer In Bed!!! (9/10/2019)

Rub Toothpaste On Your Dick To Last Longer In Bed????

Excerpt From Article:

British men are being warned to stop smearing toothpaste on their penises as part of a bizarre trend to help them last longer in bed.

The odd suggestion has no effect on sexual performance and could inflict burns and blisters on their genitals, experts have warned.

The peppermint oils and other chemicals in toothpaste, including bleaching agents, can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin.

And the bizarre technique puts women at high risk of contracting an infection in their vagina, experts said.

Jeesh just when you think you’ve heard it all.. Honestly the people who would think fuckery like this would work is a prepubescent boy or a minute man!! The crazy thing about this fuckery is that you can find so called “informative” videos of this alleged “sex tip” on Youtube and some of these videos have millions of views(see below)…

Fuckery We Missed: Maine Man Accused Of Videotaping Himself Having Sex With Dog!!! (9/9/2019)

Sick Fuck Records Himself Fucking Dog!!

Excerpt From Article:

On Aug. 20, police received a complaint from an individual alleging that Hill had been having sex with with his dog, according to an affidavit filed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators were able to obtain a video that Hill allegedly sent to a woman in February of himself having sex with a dog. Police interviewed the woman, who said that Hill “wanted her to get involved” in a threesome with himself and the dog, according to the affidavit. The woman refused.

Just curious what type of nasty bitch would get off from a man sending a video of himself fucking a dog… We can only think of one that would … View the see also links below for similar incidents of fuckery…

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Accused Of Demanding Sex In Exchange For Dog!!! (9/8/2019)

Woman’s Dog Held Hostage In Exchange For Sex!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

Deputies in Hillsborough County say a Tampa man was holding a woman’s dog hostage in exchange for sex.

According to the sheriff’s office, the woman – whom they declined to name – contacted deputies on Friday, claiming that Kevin Skaggs had her dog and was demanding “sexual favors” before he returned it

Deputies were able to locate Skaggs as he was driving with the dog in his vehicle. The dog was safely returned to the woman.

Skaggs, meanwhile, was arrested Friday afternoon on a charge of extortion, as well as driving with a suspended license. Deputies said the 36-year-old was “known to the victim” and had been calling and sending her unwanted text messages for months.

Only in Florida!!! There’s nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!!

Fuckery We Missed: A Des Moines, IA Attorney Unveils Her Life As Prostitute!!! (9/7/2019)

Iowa Attorney Unveils Her Life As Prostitute!!

Look we’re all for a woman trying to secure her bag by any means but… this woman has a whole family!! Yeah your hubby “don’t really care that much” about you working at a fuckery (ha made a funny there) but what happens when your kid gets old enough to figure out how to use the internet and finds this clip of you glorifying your lifestyle, how the fuck are you gonna explain yourself then?

Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Points Gun At Woman Over Unfinished Laundry!!! (9/5/2019)

Gun Pointed At Woman For Not Finishing Laundry!!!

Excerpt From Article:

In June, Cordarial Smith, 31, went to retrieve his laundry from a woman in Pensacola who agreed to wash it, according to an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

When Smith realized the woman didn’t have his laundry finished, he became agitated, the report said.

The woman told Smith not to disrespect to her, to which he replied, “(Expletive), I will kill you with your ugly (expletive),” and pointed a gun at her face, according to report.

(1) Be grateful that someone took the time to handle and attempt to launder your dirty drawers, (2) if you wanted the job done quickly why not find a laundry mat with drop off service, and (3) we bet you wish you would have reacted differently in this incident of fuckery, none of this fuckery was necessary!!

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