Today’s HumanFuckery: 73 Year Old Florida Woman Brings Meth To Doctor’s Office To Have It Tested, Admits To Using For A Month!!! (11/15/2018)

73 Year Old Florida Woman Brings Meth To Doctor’s Appointment For TESTING!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

A Polk County woman was arrested earlier this month after she reportedly brought “her meth” with her to a doctor’s office to have it tested.

Barbara Ray, 73, of Polk County, told the staff at the doctor’s office that she had been taking meth for about a month, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. She said she brought the drugs with her so that she and “her meth” could be tested to make sure all was well.

The Sheriff’s Office was called and a deputy responded to the office. The deputy tested the drugs and found it was in fact methamphetamine.

Ray was arrested on November 5. She was charged with 2 counts of Possession of Methamphetamine, and 2 counts of Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia. She was booked into the Polk County Jail on Monday, November 5, 2018 and released on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

We’ve said it before and We’ll say it again, Ladies and Gentlemen… DONT DO METH!!! What we wanna know in this incident of fuckery is how someone at that age of 73 decides to starts dabbling in meth?? Seeing tweakers tweak over the quality of meth and in a panic taking their meth to get tested by the authorities isn’t anything new we’ve come across.. For a similar instance of fuckery like this feel free to view the see also links below!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Released From Jail, Arrested Again In Jail Parking Lot For Trying To Steal Car!!! (11/15/2018)

Florida Man Play A Game Of GTA In Real Life!!

Man…. WHAT?? Honestly we’re not that shocked by this fuckery due to the fact some fucktard in Kansas attempted fuckery like this a few weeks ago…View the see also link below for more info!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Mississippi Man Crashes Truck Into Courthouse To Alert Cops His Drug Paraphernalia Was Stolen! (11/14/2018)

Man Crashes Truck Into Courthouse To Alert Cops His Drug Paraphernalia Was Stolen!!

Excerpt From Article:

A 28-year-old Mississippi man, Keith Cavalier, told police he intentionally crashed into the Harrison County courthouse to get their attention so he could alert them that his drug paraphernalia had been stolen.

You can’t make this fuckery up folks!! We’re at a loss for words with this fuckery…We’re sure you folks are too!! Click the link above for footage of this fuckery!! SMH!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: California McDonald’s Manager Beaten, Choked by Woman Upset Over Missing Ketchup!!! (11/14/2018)

McDonald’s Manager Beaten, Choked Over Ketchup!!

MAN!!! WHAT???? This situation probably could have been quelled if this woman just simply asked these workers for ketchup!! How easy is that to do?? All this lady had to do was check the bag before driving off, if there wasn’t any ketchup in your bag simply wait at the drive thru window and not drive off until these workers came back to the window and ask for some!!! Now your stupid ass is facing assault chargers over ketchup packets! You can’t make this fuckery up!!!

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Fuckery We Missed: Florida Man Accused Of Biting Off Fellow Camper’s Finger!!! (11/13/2018)

Florida Man Bites Of Camper’s Finger!!

Excerpt From Article:

Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said Rodriguez and the victim — a 55-year-old man from Crestview — had been staying at neighboring campsites. The victim and his wife stopped by Rodriguez’s campsite to share a bottle of tequila, but when they arrived it appeared Rodriguez had already been drinking, Linhardt said.

The victim told deputies that Rodriguez was loud and rude and eventually lost his balance and fell to the ground. The victim tried to help Rodriguez up several times but was unsuccessful.

On the final attempt, Rodriguez then bit the victim, severing his finger, Linhardt said

Paramedics transported the victim to Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island. Paramedics were able to find the victim’s severed finger, but the victim said doctors at the hospital were unable to reattach it

Lets just chalk this fuckery up to Florida man doing Florida man things!! It honestly sucks that this victim has lost their finger over this man being a drunk fucktard! Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve come across fuckery like this….. Feel free to view the see also links for similar stories!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Flashes Gun, Robs Man Of 25 Cents And Flees!! (11/12/2018)

Man Robs Person For 25 CENTS!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

After being denied 15 cents from a fellow customer at a New Orleans store, a man flashed his gun and took 25 cents from the victim before fleeing without any merchandise, police said.

The man attempted to make a purchase at a store in the 2100 block of Elysian Fields Avenue in St. Roch around 12:20 p.m. Saturday (Nov. 10), but was 15 cents short, according to a preliminary police report. He asked a fellow customer if he could have some change. The customer denied his request, and the man revealed a gun concealed beneath his shirt. The customer then gave him 25 cents.

The man did not complete his purchase, police said, but rather fled without any merchandise.

The preliminary report did not include additional details.

What we wanna know is why this fool only demanded a quarter during this robbery?? If you’re robbing someone sir why not go big or go home..Take allllll the money!!! Nevertheless this man’s actions are the epitome of human fuckery!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Teenagers Boil Sanitary Pads To Get High!!!! (11/12/2018)

Boiled, Used Menstrual Pads Used To Get High!!

Excerpt From Article:

As bizarre as it sounds, young Indonesians have found another affordable way to get tipsy — boiling sanitary pads and drinking the water.

Police in Jakarta; Bekasi, West Java; and Kudus, Central Java, have arrested several teenagers caught while experimenting with unusual methods of getting intoxicated. Most used menstrual pads to make the formula.

Adj. Sr. Comr. Suprinarto, the head of the Central Java chapter of the National Narcotics Agency, said it was the chlorine in the boiled mixture that created a feeling of “flying” and hallucinations similar to the sensation experienced when taking certain drugs.

“The used pads they took from the trash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down they drank it together,” Suprinarto said, as quoted by

Yep!!! You’ve read that correctly!!! Let’s hope this disgusting act doesn’t make it’s way stateside!! There’s nothing much more left to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!

Fuckery We Missed: Woman Sues Ex-Boyfriend After His ‘Abnormally Long’ Penis ‘Stretched Her Vagina’!!! (11/11/2018)

Man’s Big Dick Breaks Woman’s Vagina!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

A woman is suing her ex-boyfriend after his “abnormally long” penis allegedly overstretched her vagina.

Silindile Mangena, 29, is planning to undergo reconstructive surgery after getting intimate with Mugove Kurima, 37.

But she wants Kurima to pay the whopping 150,000 Rand (£8,000) cost of this – and is reportedly taking him to court.

Silindile, of Harare, Zimbabwe, told the Zimbabwe Mail that her private parts were “tight” before she met her ex in 2016.

She said she fell in love even though he was allegedly married at the time.

However, she ended the relationship in May this year after Kurima is alleged to have stretched her vagina.

It is currently unclear how large Silindile alleges her ex’s penis is.

The woman will reportedly ask the court – through her lawyers, Dakarai, Masendu and Partners – to force Kurima to pay for reconstructive surgery of her vagina in South Africa.

Kurima is yet to respond to the allegations.

Gentlemen, if you don’t have a lady claiming you stretched her out like this your dick game is WEAK!!!