Today’s HumanFuckery: “You All Need To Get Out Of Here Because I’m Fixin’ To Blow It Up.” Mistaken As Bombthreat In Home Depot Bathroom!!

You All Need To Get Out Of Here Because I’m Fixin’ To Blow It Up.

A few months back a man made a similar type “threat” in a restaurant but in that case this man wasn’t in a bathroom so that man was arrested.. This incident of fuckery is just down right hilarious because this man was just trying to warn folks it was gonna get ugly!!

Fuckery We Missed: North Carolina Man Robs Bank While Girlfriend Gets Her Taxes Done Across The Street!! (2/14/2019)

Man Robs Bank While Girlfriend Is Getting Her Taxes Prepared Across The Street!!

This man was probably like “Wait hold up… We’re only getting how much back in taxes???? I’m be right back I’m hit this lick really quick because I thought we were getting more back than this!!””

Fuckery We Missed: Son Sets Mother’s Home Ablaze Over Cheez-Its!!! (2/13/2019)

Drunk Son Sets Mom’s House On Fire Over Cheez Its!!

We wonder what flavor this box of Cheez- Its was, not gonna lie I have a weakness for white cheddar Cheez Its!! In all seriousness we’re glad no one was seriously injured from this fuckery!!

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Today HumanFuckery: Florida Man Accused Of Beaning Girlfriend In The Face With Burrito!! (2/13/2019)

Florida Man Uses Burrito As A Weapon AGAIN!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — Pasco County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Port Richey man accused of beaning his girlfriend in the face with a burrito.

An arrest report said Peter Michael Elacqua, 41, shoved his girlfriend into a chair in the bedroom of a home they share and threw a burrito at her on Friday.

A deputy found the woman with contents of the burrito dispersed across her face, neck and left shoulder area, the arrest report said.

Deputies arrested Elacqua on Monday.

He faces domestic battery charges

Really Florida Man… Didn’t you just get arrested for the same fuckery about two weeks ago??? For more info on the previous burrito attack by Florida Man feel free to visit the see also links below.

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Test Drives Buick Off Dealership Lot, Never Returns It!! (2/13/2019)

Florida Man Steals Car During Test Drive!

Excerpt From Article:

Police said before Scurry drove off the lot with the Buick he test drove another vehicle and started filling out the necessary financial paperwork to purchase the car.

As Scurry and the other man waited outside for the sale associate, who was assisting other customers, they saw the Buick and went inside to ask to see it.

After the associate gave Scurry the key to the white Buick Verano, the pair drove it off the dealership lot.

The associate, after a short time, noticed the car and a tag from the dealership was missing and called the cell phone number listed on the financial paperwork.

Police said Scurry answered the phone and told the associate he would bring the Buick back before the dealership closed. The Buick was never returned and several calls went unanswered.

Honestly we would like to know why you’d even attempt to pull fuckery like this?? The very first thing a dealership does before you take any vehicle off the lot is take down your information and obtain a copy of your drivers license.. It’s only a matter of time before this fucktard is caught!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: They Went Inside A Vacant Houston Home To Smoke Weed… And Found A Tiger Inside!!! (2/12/2019)

Tiger Found In Vacant House By Pot Smokers!

The people who discovered this tiger had to be novice smokers or preteens because what type of weed smoker breaks into a vacant home to smoke weed? The type of drug user who usually does their drugs in an vacant home or building are usually crackheads or tweakers, maybe the folks who discovered the tiger just said that they were smoking weed to cover up what they were really doing!! We wish the authorities the best of luck on trying to find out who’s responsible for leaving this tiger in this house!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Dresses In Dog Costume ,Fucks His Dog!! (2/12/2019)

Florida Man Dresses In Dog Costume Fucks His Dog!!

Excerpt From Article:

Sheriff’s detectives obtained the photos and video showing a man dressed in a dog costume molesting a husky.

The dog was in distress and tried to run away, deputies said.

Investigators said they were able to trace the video and photos back to Nichols. They interviewed him Monday, and they say he admitted to making the video with his dog, named Ember, and posting it online.

Ember and another dog were removed from Nichols’ home.

This is a first… We’ve seen our fare share of fucktards fucking dogs in the past but never have we come across someone dressing up in a dog costume to fuck one!! WTF GROSS!! To view a few previous incidents of fuckery involving dogs feel free to visit the see also links below!!

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