Fuckery We Missed: Oregon Woman Cooks Chihuahua In Oven Because She Believed Her Ex-Boyfriend Was Inside Dog!!! (3/23/2018)

Chihuahua Cooked In Oven !!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

WARRENTON, Ore. — A Warrenton woman told police she put her pet Chihuahua in the oven and turned it on because she believed her ex-boyfriend was inside the dog.

The suspect, 28-year-old Noelle Moor of Warrenton, Oregon, was arraigned Wednesday on one count of first-degree aggravated animal abuse. She will be back in court March 28.

When police arrived at Moor’s residence in the 110 block of NW 4th Street in Warrenton, on March 19, they found the dog, a 7-year-old male Chihuahua, on the burner of the oven. The dog was dead.

The oven was off when officers arrived. An officer said the residence still smelled of burnt hair and flesh.

The dog was taken to Clatsop County Animal Control for investigation.

Poor pooch!! Lord knows what this bitch was trippin on , it had to be something (probably hard drugs) if her mind conjured up some fuckery like this!!!


Fuckery We Missed: Florida Man Shoots Self In Leg To Profess Love For Ex-Girlfriend!! (3/24/2018)

Man Shoots Self In Leg To Profess Love For Ex-Girlfriend!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – A South Florida man’s plan to win back the love and affection of his ex-girlfriend included shooting himself in the leg.

Ivan Filgueira, 26, and his girlfriend broke up in January after he cheated on her with another woman. Since that time, Filgueira’s ex said he has been trying to get her back, even showing up at her Florida City workplace begging and crying.

Filgueira called the woman at her Homestead home on March 11, saying he was going to shoot himself in the thigh to prove he loves her, adding he knew he could hit an artery and that he may bleed out.

After his comment, the ex said she heard a gunshot and Filgueira screaming that he needed a paramedic.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Filgueria with a gunshot wound to his left thigh sitting in the passenger’s seat of a silver Lexus driven by an unknown person.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Filgueira was airlifted to Jackson South Hospital in critical condition. Following surgery, he was kept in the hospital under the Baker Act and medically treated.

As police found multiple firearms and ammunition inside his home, Filgueira was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon immediately after being discharged Wednesday.
Welp…. We can all assume that this woman has some top of the line A+++++++ coochie if this man went to the extent to shoot himself in the leg over her!!! We at humanfuckery.com wish this man a speedy recovery and also we wish this man luck with his upcoming court dates…


Fuckery Flashback: Black Jesus- What that Thang Smell like (3/23/2018)

(Repost From 9//16/2016)

This is dedicated to all my male counterparts who are on the prowl this weekend!! Pull this line and see how fast you’ll get shut down!!!

First off, if I gotta know what that thang smell like… I dont want it! Second, the smell test that he kicks the video off instantly makes the viewer ask themselves’ “wtf is this train wreck”. Every time after watching this video the god damn hook gets stuck in my head!!

#TBT Fuckery: Woman Sells Positive Pregnancy Test To Pay Her Way Through School!! (3/21/2018)

(Originally Posted On 12/20/2016)

#TBT Fuckery: Woman Sells Positive Pregnancy Test To Pay Her Way Through School!!

Look, you ladies out there who would stoop to this level of fuckery need to go jump off a bridge! You have no clue from a males perceptive how a stunt like this can change things! Trust me, I’ve dealt with a few so called “pregnancies” in my lifetime, thank god they didn’t trap me with this trick!! I’m off my soapbox… It looks as if the post is still up on Craigslist.


Today’s HumanFuckery: Cop Who Sucked Toes Of Hospital Patient Is Held On $200K Bail!! (3/22/2018)

Cop Who Sucked Toes Of Hospital Patient Is Held On $200K Bail!!

Excerpt From Article:

Prosecutors said that, as the victim was shackled to a bed, the officer sucked the man’s toes, grabbed his penis and took a photo of the victim as he tried to use a portable urinal. Once the two were in a bathroom, Calhoun forcibly performed a sex act on the man, prosecutors said.

After the victim was arrested and taken to the Gresham District lockup, he talked about killing himself, so he was taken to St. Bernard Hospital, prosecutors said. Calhoun and another officer were assigned to watch him while he awaited a psychiatric evaluation.

Once the victim changed into a hospital gown, the other officer went to get food, leaving Calhoun and the man alone. The man was handcuffed to the bed by his wrist and left foot.

Calhoun started talking with the man about why he was arrested and “gave him relationship advice,” eventually asking if he knew about “pressure points,” according to prosecutors.

Calhoun then grabbed the man’s foot and began sucking on his toes “for several minutes as the victim asked him to stop,” prosecutors said.


Ohhhh boy… From the sounds of it this officer will be in paradise when he’s shipped off to the pen.. Bubba & Company will easily make this man their bitch and they’ll enjoy it due to the fact that he’s a former cop!!!