Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Calls Police To Report Stolen ‘Blunts’!! (9/24/2017)

Cops Called After Man’s Blunts Were Stolen!!

Not only did this thief steal this man’s weed, he also stole a cellphone and five dollars worth of quarters!!! People….if you have a cellphone install a find my phone app (i.e Find My Iphone or Find My Phone for Android) in case your phone is stolen… If this man would have had one of these apps installed he wouldn’t of had to get the police involved!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Officer Charged With Sexual Assault After 15 Year Old Girl Gives Birth To His Child!!! (9/23/2017)

15 Year Old Has Cops Baby!!!

Excerpt From Article:

The official complaint says DNA tests performed by the state police based on samples from Martinez, the girl and the child show that Martinez is the father. Authorities say Martinez allegedly admitted to being the child’s father and signed the child’s birth certificate, the station reports.

Martinez was arrested on Sept. 12 and has been suspended without pay.

Why the fuck is this officer not fired and not placed in jail with no bail!

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