Potential Father Of The Year: Oregon Man Stole Daughter’s Cookie Sale Money To Pay For Erotic Massage!! (5/21/2019)

Father Steals Daughter’s Cookie Sale Money For Exotic Massage!

Excerpt From Article:

Couture initially told authorities someone had broken into his home in the 1000 block of Willamina Avenue and assaulted him, according to the district attorney’s office. Officers found the home had been ransacked and saw blood “strewn about,” prosecutors said.

Couture had injured himself, and the blood was “almost certainly” his, said Deputy District Attorney Thomas Belesiu.

Couture’s work laptop was also damaged, and about $700 was missing from a jar holding his daughter’s cookie earnings, according to prosecutors.

Investigators found inconsistencies in his story and challenged it. Couture eventually told police he stole the money to pay for the erotic massage and then “faked the robbery when he realized he couldn’t explain the missing funds,”

This man’s daughter should be able to get whatever she wants from her dad, all she’d have to do is ask her dad “hey dad remember when you stole my money from my cookie sales for a “exotic massage”? Unbelievable!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Two Men Charged After Video Shows One Urinating On Memorial Of New Jersey Boy Who Died From Cancer!! (5/20/2019)

Two Men Charged After Video Shows One Pissing On Memorial Of New Jersey Boy Who Died From Cancer!

So this is where were at as a society?? Hey film me pissing on this memorial for a kid that died of cancer real quick.. for what??? Let me guess you two fucktards did this fuckery for some likes and views?? How disrespectful and disgusting!!!


Fuckery We Missed: Woman Attacks KFC Manager Over Job Application!! (5/19/2019)

Woman Attack KFC Manger With Pipe Over Job Application!!

Excerpt From Article:

Police said Persaud, the restaurant manager, told them Ayala had attacked her with a metal pipe and she had thrown scalding water at Ayala in self-defense.

Persaud told officers that earlier she had gotten a phone call from Ayala complaining that she had applied for a job at the KFC but had not been called in for an interview, police said. Persuad told Ayala the manager was unavailable.

A few minutes later, police said, Ayala arrived at the restaurant. She confronted Persaud who admitted she was, in fact, the manager. At that point, Persaud told officers that Ayala became angry and began using profanity, calling Persuad names. Persuad then ordered Ayala to leave the restaurant telling her she would not hire a person with such a nasty attitude.

Police said the surveillance video then showed Ayala pick up a small piece of a metal display and strike Persuad with it on the side of the head. Persaud then threw a container of scalding water at Ayala’s face, police said.

Too be honest this sounds like a classic case of self defense to us!! Really If this chick was so enthusiastic about getting a “career” working in fast food why not attempt to apply at another fast food joint after you were told you weren’t going to be hired at this KFC!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: 2 Norfolk Women Accused Of Having Sex With Dog While Communicating With Inmate In Jail!!(5/19/2019)

2 Women Accused Of Having Sex With Dog While Communicating With Inmate In Jail!

UMMM…. WHAT!! This fuckery is truly baffling on so many levels! Really… WTF!!

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Fuckery We Missed: Woman Demanded Oral Sex At Gunpoint, Fired Shots At Man As He Fled Apartment!!! (5/18/2019)


Excerpt From Article:

Police say Anneisha Speed, 19, was at the victim’s Labelle Avenue apartment Monday when things went south. According to arrest records, the man invited Speed to his apartment after the two spent much of the day together.

Once inside the apartment, the victim says Speed asked him to perform oral sex for her. He declined, and Speed responded by whipping out a .40 handgun, the affidavit says. Speed allegedly aimed the gun at the man and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t give in to her demands.

When the man grabbed Speed’s wrist, she apparently fired a round into the wall. He then ran out onto the second-floor balcony and jumped to the ground as another shot was fired in his direction.

No means NO!!!! Lord have mercy!! Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!


Fuckery We Missed: Man Accused Of Firing Bullets Into Cousin’s Home After They Had Sex!! (5/18/2019)

Shot Fired After Cousins Have SEX!!

Due To Length Of Article We Decided To Repost:

Pensacola police say a man got into an argument with his cousin after they had sex, leading to him firing shots into her apartment.

Police responded May 14 to a shots fired call at 1345 North J Street.

Ty’eisha Singleton told officers she had sex with her cousin, 25-year-old Pacardin Jourdon Gandy, that morning then he fell asleep and she left. He called her to ask where she was and he went there to Mayfair but when he got there, he called her and found out she was back at the apartment where he had come from.

Singleton said she saw Gandy outside her apartment. He knocked on the door and she was talking to him through the front window when he fired a bullet through the glass. She ran to the back of the apartment and called police. Police found shell casings outside the apartment and two bullet holes in the window.

He is in jail with a $156,000 bond.

A few things in this incident of fuckery: (1) This man’s cousin must of had some fire pussy if he went full blown stalker mode after their sexual tryst (We at humanfuckery.com do not condone incest in anyway shape or form, the above statement was added for comedic value).. (2) of course some shit like this would happen on Florida and (3) This fuckery belongs on an episode of Jerry Springer.. Unbelievable….

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Fuckery We Missed: Man Accused Of Armed Robbery Was Drinking Beer, Driving Around Walmart In Electric Cart!!! (5/18/2019)

Man Accused Of Armed Robbery Was Drinking Beer, Driving Around Walmart In Electric Cart!

Excerpt From Article:

An employee told the officer he was notified of a man drinking beer and driving around the store in an electric cart.

The employee observed Singer drinking from a can of beer with an empty can of beer in the basket of the cart.

When confronted about drinking alcohol, Singer replied “what beer” and got up and started walking away.

Singer allegedly got “in the face” of the employee and yelled about being the Navajo Nation president and that he should be shown respect.

The employee started to follow Singer around the store but when they entered the bakery section, the suspect allegedly pointed the knife at the employee and told him to stay back.

Singer then exited the store and was taken into custody outside the grocery entrance of the store.

Before he was detained, the affidavit states Singer threw the knife and stolen merchandise in a trash can outside the store.

Some of the items taken — worth about $106 — include lipstick, eyeliner, hair spray and four watches.


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Fuckery We Missed: 3 Charged After Missing Pregnant Teen Found Dead, Baby Cut From Her Womb!! (5/18/201910

3 Charged After Missing Pregnant Teen Found Dead, Baby Cut From Her Womb!!

We didn’t necessarily miss this fuckery, we just now decided to post on this fuckery since the suspects have been arrested!! We at humanfuckery.com send our condolences to the ones who love this woman!

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Fuckery We Missed: Bike Handle Stuck In Woman For Two Years After Husband Shoved It In Her Pussy!! (5/16/2019)

Husband Sticks Bike Handle In Wife’s Pussy

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

A team of 19 doctors conducted the four-hour long surgery and were forced to remove the woman’s uterus. Associate Professor, Dr Sonia Moses, from M. Y. Hospital, said: ‘She told us that the handle had been inserted inside her vagina by her husband when he was intoxicated with alcohol.

Associate Professor, Dr Sonia Moses, from M. Y. Hospital, said: ‘She told us that the handle had been inserted inside her vagina by her husband when he was intoxicated with alcohol.

‘He had warned her not to tell anyone or he would hurt her. ‘The object had been inside her for almost two years and it had become severely infected with her organs perforated and eroded. And she was left in excruciating pain. ‘Her uterus had been completely eroded which is why we had to remove it but we managed to repair her bladder using a stent through her urinary pipe. ‘She will not be able to have any more children.’

As a punishment for this fuckery this husband should have an item of his wife’s choosing that will fit in this man’s pee hole shoved up his cock for 2 years, that just seems fair?