Today’s HumanFuckery: 71 Year Old Man Pistol Whips Friend During Dispute Over Bruno Mars Song!!! (9/24/2018)

Man Pistol Whipped Over Bruno Mars Song!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Roger D. Washburn, 71, is facing a charge of battery after the Friday night incident at his home in Greenwood, Ind.

The investigation began when a man told officials from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office that he and another man were hanging out with Washburn on Friday night. The man told police that they have all been friends for 50 years.

The man said they were all talking when an argument broke out over a song and its artist. The man said the song they were debating was sung by Bruno Mars, but Washburn said that it wasn’t.

When the man showed Washburn proof that it was indeed a Bruno Mars song, the argument grew more intense. He told police that they both stood up and continued to argue until Washburn pulled a gun on him.

The man said he responded to the brandished weapon by calling Washburn a “chicken (expletive)” and Washburn swung the weapon at him, striking the man in the face and arm.

The gun went off when Washburn struck the man, he told police. The victim said he took a swing at Washburn and missed, and the gun then went off a second time. No one was shot during the incident.

This man is a little to old to be on fuckery like this… There’s nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!

Fuckery We Missed: Tennessee Man Accused Of Lighting Daughter On Fire While She Was In Wheelchair!! (9/24/2018)

Father Sets Daughter Who Is In A Wheelchair On Fire!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–A Giles County man has been charged with setting fire to a home that burned his own daughter.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), 41-year-old Timothy Shane Medley is believed to have started a fire at a Pulaski home on the 400 block of Jones Street on May 21st.

The TBI says Medley used an accelerant and set his daughter’s wheelchair on fire while she was in it. His daughter was transported to the Vanderbilt Burn Center for treatment of her injuries.

Medley has been indicted for aggravated assault, abuse of an adult, reckless endangerment, and burning personal property. He was booked into the Giles County Jail on $22,000 bond.

At a loss for words with this fuckery… We at wish this poor girl a speedy recovery!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Pregnant New Delhi Woman Bites Off Husband’s Tongue Because Husband Was Not Good Looking!! (9/24/2018)

Pregnant Woman Bites Off Husband’s Tongue Because He Wasn’t Good Looking!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

NEW DELHI: A 22-year-old man lost almost half of his tongue after his pregnant wife deliberately bit it off while kissing him, the police said Sunday.
The incident was reported from outer Delhi’s Ranhola on Saturday night.

Locals said that the woman was not happy as she felt her husband was not good-looking.

However, the couple had compatibility issues and had regular fights, the police said, adding the husband is a street artiste.

He had an altercation with his 22-year-old pregnant wife and they later patched up. And the next time she kissed him she bit almost half of his tongue off, they added.

The police were informed by the victim’s father about the incident.

The man underwent a surgery at Safdarjung Hospital but doctors said it is difficult to say whether he will be able to talk again, according to the police.

The woman is eight months pregnant and has been detained, they added.

The couple got married on November 20, 2016.

Well if she didn’t like his looks he shouldn’t of married him in the first place… Wait… this fuckery happened in India so this marriage may have been an arranged one so therefore she may of had no choice of her husband’s looks!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Cut Off Genitals Of Romantic Rival!!! (9/22/2018)

Florida Man Beats Romantic Rival With Tire Iron, Cuts Off His Genitals!!

Excerpt From Article:

Justin Foster, 28, of Tallahassee, was ordered held without bail Friday in the March attack.

According to prosecutors, Foster flew from Atlanta to Chicago on March 13, rented a car and drove to the 1100 block of Holiday Lane in Des Plaines, apparently to confront his romantic rival. When Foster saw the victim, he approached him and began striking him in the head repeatedly with a tire iron until he lost consciousness, authorities said.

Foster then carved his initials into the victim’s leg, cut off his genitals and tossed them over a fence, and then left the victim, who was bleeding profusely, near a parked car, prosecutors said. Foster then drove back to O’Hare International Airport and boarded a flight back to Atlanta, authorities said.

You’ve already fucked up this man’s world with a tire iron… proceeding to cutting off this man’s genitals is just adding insult to injury. We at wish this man a speedy recovery!! Unbelievable!!!

Fuckery We Missed: Oregon Church Changes Sign Message After Some Think It Refers To Sex!!! (9/22/2018)

Forgiveness Is To Swallow When You Want To SPIT!!

Alright… It’s time to retire this saying from all church signs worldwide!! Since the start of this site we’ve came across this sign being in the news a few times (View the see also links below)!!

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