Repost: Woman Offers Undercover Officer A Blowjob For 2 Soft Tacos From Taco Bell!!! (11/23/2017)

(Originally Posted 2/18/2017)

Tacos valued at $2.14

I honestly wanna know what the connection is with prostitutes and Mexican food (I dont really qualify Taco Bell as true Mexican food)? For those of you that are new to the site we covered a story a while back about a prostitute who wanted nachos and money in exchange for her services. FYI:The lady who offered the officer a bj for two tacos is the lady in the top row on the right!

Repost: Tweaker On The Roof!!! Family Wakes Up To Stranger Stomping On Roof Claiming He’s Meeting A DEA Agent!!! (11/23/2017)

(Originally Posted 11/15/2017)

Tweaker On The Roof

Excerpt From Article:

A man living in the home told deputies he and this three young sons woke up to Futch yelling, howling and walking down the road around 6 a.m. on Nov. 11.

Two hours later, the man says they woke up again after hearing Futch on the roof of his home near the 1800 block of 4th Ln.

When Futch was asked if he was under the influence he said he had injected meth at approximately 2 a.m., an arrest affidavit states.

Ladies and gentelmen… DONT DO METH!!!

Repost: Florida Prostitute Offers Undercover Cop A Blowjob For $25 And MCnuggets!! (11/23/2017)

(Originally Posted 4/30/2017)

Blowjob For $25 And MCnuggets

We are just gonna assume that it was a 4 piece nugget, shes gotta keep her figure for all the johns out there!

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Repost: Florida Woman Offers Undercover Cop Blowjob In Exchange For $5 And A Beanie Baby!!! (11/23/2017)

(Originally Posted On 10/30/2017)

Blowjob In exchange for $5 Dollars And A Beanie Baby!!

In case you’re wondering if Beanie Babies are still in business, they’re still alive and kicking… Anyways back to the matter at hand this is definitely a first for our site, we usually cover prostitutes who are trying to get food and money (view the see also links below), rather than Beanie Babies!!! Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Accused Of Putting His Cum Into Co-Worker’s Water Bottle And Food And On Computer Equipment!!! (11/22/2017)

Nuttin On Co-Workers Possessions!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Between late-November 2016 and mid-January, Millancastro is accused of putting semen in a food jar used by the co-worker and on a computer mouse, according to the DA’s office.

Prosecutors allege Millancastro ejaculated into the person’s water bottle. The co-worker twice noticed the water looked cloudy, prosecutors said, and threw the bottle out.

On Jan. 9, the co-worker noticed a third water bottle “appeared to be contaminated with semen” and reported it to a supervisor, according to the DA’s office. A surveillance camera was set up in the co-worker’s office.

Surveillance footage showed Millancastro “going into the victim’s office prior” to an incident when semen was found, according to the DA’s office.

This fuckery speaks for itself!!! Unfortunately we’ve seen vile acts like this done before… View the see also links below for more cum fuckery!!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: 18 Year Old Woman Accused Of Raping Man At Knifepoint Gets 5 Years Probation!!! (1/22/2017)

Man Raped At Knifepoint By WOMAN!!!
Excerpt From Article:

The Jan. 11 incident in the driveway of Smith’s step-sister’s Saginaw Township home evolved from a dispute over a sex tape, Gust said.

“He allegedly had a sex tape that he was going to put out on social media,” Gust said. “She wanted to make one with him so that she would have one to keep him from putting his out there.”

Attorneys previously asked the man if Smith wanted to meet him that night because she wanted to delete the video of them having sex stored on his phone.

The victim testified he didn’t know, but that she did delete it, either that night or in the days before.

Once the man arrived in the driveway, Smith hopped in his car, berated him, called him names and recorded with her cellphone, he previously testified.

She began punching him and, eventually, pulled a steak knife from her sleeve and stabbed him in the arm and poked him under the eye with it, he testified.

The stab to the arm did not pierce skin but did put a hole in his leather jacket, he stated.

The man said he was locked in the car and couldn’t call for help, as his phone and keys were taken by Smith, he testified.

At some point, Smith told him to get into the back seat, he said.

The man described Smith holding him at knifepoint and forcing him to perform oral sex on her as she took a cell phone video.

5 years is a pretty lenient sentence for this fuckery!! Not only will she have to be on probation for 5 years she will also have to register as a sex offender for 25 years!!! We wonder what type of sentence a male would receive for the same crime?

Today’s HumanFuckery: Louisiana Man Accused Of Molesting 6 Year Old Girl ‘When She Was Misbehaving’!!! (11/21/2017)

Sexual Molestation Due To Misbehavior

Excerpt From Article:

In a forensic interview with the young girl, the detective wrote, the girl described what Bell would do to her, demonstrating motions he made, which the detective wrote included Bell touching his genitals against parts of her unclothed body.

The young girl told the interviewer Bell engaged in the behavior with her “several times” while he supervised her. The crimes allegedly occurred at a residence in Algiers. The girl’s mother told police Bell took her to a “dark room” when the inappropriate behavior took place.

This guy will be Bubba & Company’s favorite… Bubba and Co. will have fun with this guy, this nasty fuck already has the looks the inmates will love, therefore assimilating to prison lifestyle will be a breeze for this pedophile!