Today’s HumanFuckery: Brothers Saved Meth Equipment In Fire, Left Their Grandmother To Die!!! (10/22/209)

Brothers Save Meth Lab In House Fire Instead Of Grandmother!!

These two fucktards answered the age old question: “If there was one thing you could run into your house and save if your house was on fire, what would that be”??? These two fucks chose their god damn meth lab and let THEIR OWN GRANDMA BURN TO DEATH!! Wow!! We at hope that these two get the sentenced to life for this fuckery!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: South Florida Man Arrested After Beating Peeping Tom To Death!!! (10/21/2019)

Naked Peeping Tom Beat To Death!!!

Excerpt From Article:

According to Fort Lauderdale police, Victor Vickery fatally beat a man who had been looking into his girlfriend’s window as they were having sex.

Vickery, 30, of Delray Beach, was arrested Thursday in the death of Asaad Akar.

According to an arrest report, Vickery and his girlfriend were in a bedroom in her Fort Lauderdale home when they heard a scratching noise coming from the window.

Vickery told authorities that they had called the police in the past because of a peeping Tom outside.

According to the report, Vickery ran outside and saw a man standing by the window with his genitals exposed.

We understand going outside to administering justice to this fucking creep but damn did you have to beat this man to death??? We at wish you luck in your upcoming court dates!!

Fuckery We Missed: Woman Flags Down Lincoln,CA Officer For Gas To Fill Stolen Car

Tweaker Flags Down Lincoln,CA Officer For Gas To Fill Stolen Car

Only a fucking tweaker would think fuckery like this would work!!! Like we always say folks…..

Ladies and gentlemen : DONT DO METH!!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Forced To Pay Child Support Despite DNA Test Proving He Is Not The Father!!! (10/19/2019)

Florida Man Forced To Pay Child Support For Kid That Isn’t His!!

WOW!!! Ain’t this some BULLSHIT!!! Unbelievable…

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Elderly Florida Woman Accused Of Hitting Boyfriend With Metal Detector For Watching Porn!!! (10/17/2019)

77 Year Old Florida Woman Attacks Boyfriend Over Porn??

Excerpt From Article:

Deputies could see bloody scratches all over the arm of a 70-year-old man when they responded to a domestic disturbance call Sunday night.

He told them that Jane Galitello, his 77-year-old girlfriend, attacked him, and he claimed it wasn’t the first time.

According to an arrest report reviewed by the Miami Herald, the couple had gotten into an argument Friday night after Galitello said she caught him watching porn.

Deputies said the man claimed he was only watching a show on Cinemax that just happened to feature a topless woman. Even so, he said the distinction didn’t matter to his significant other.

The man said she left a mark on him after hitting him in the head with a metal detector.

Wow!!! This poor guy got attacked over some boobs being on tv!! After a quick google search for “Cinemax adult movie” the results stated that Cinemax has stopped airing their adult movies so therefore this man was telling the truth about this fuckery… Thank god this man wasn’t seriously hurt over this fuckery because….. we’ve posted fuckery similar to this story that ended in death (view see also links below)!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Arrested After Driving Car Into Home!! (10/16/2019)

Florida Man Feuding With Neighbor Crashes Truck Into His House!!

Wow!!! This man can pull fuckery like this and receive no bail but yet an officer can shoot and kill a woman siting on her couch playing video games with no warning and he has the ability to bail out… seems pretty ass backwards if you ask us!!

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Fuckery We Missed: North Dakota Man Arrested For Attacking Child Over Snowball Fight!!! (10/16/2019)

9-Year-Old Boy Attacked Over Snowball!!

Excerpt From Article:

Gordon Van Hassel was walking his dog nearby, and someone threw a snowball at him, at which point the victim said Van Hassel threw rocks at the kids and shouted profanities at them.

He said Van Hassel ran towards him, pushing him into a truck, and then knocked him to the ground, repeatedly kicking him and smashing his face into the ground.

The boy had to be carried to his house on a sled, and had liquid in his abdomen, along with a injuries to his head and face.

The boy told deputies he feared for his life during the encounter.

Deputies went to Van Hassel’s home, and when asked if he knew why they were there, he said “For beating up that kid.

Wow… Pick on someone your own size you dumbass.. We at wish this poor 9 year old boy a speedy recovery!

Potential Mother Of The Year: Florida Mother Arrested After 12-Year-Old Gets Pulled Over For Driving!! (10/16/2019)

Potential Mother Of The Year??

Excerpt From Article:

A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over a GMC Terrain after spotting the vehicle swerving suspiciously Sunday and found a 12-year-old behind the wheel.

The child’s mother, 45-year-old Francisca Darla Saria, of Milton, was in the passenger seat and two additional juveniles were riding as passengers in the backseat, according to SRSO spokesman Sgt. Rich Aloy.

According to her arrest report, the deputy saw the GMC swerve into a right lane while its left turn signal was on while heading west on Gulf Breeze Parkway.

The deputy smelled alcohol on Saria’s breath when she spoke with law enforcement during the traffic stop, according to her arrest report.

At a loss for words with this fuckery…..

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