Today’s HumanFuckery: Iron Man Robs Blood Bank In Florida!! (3/12/2017)

This is some sad shit right here… You’ve gotta think that a blood bank couldn’t possibly have that much cash on hand, if I would have to estimate I would guess maybe there was about $1000! What makes this even worse is that the robber is quoted saying to the employees of the bank ” I’m hungry”. If said quote is true he accomplished his mission….. What a time we live in folks!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Attempts To Burn Down Convenience Store Because He Thought It Was Muslim Owned!! (3/12/2017)

Owners Were ACTUALLY Indian Decent

Just “doing his part for America”!!! This man is to old to be on this type of fuckery, we can only guess that he’s caught up in all of the Making America Great stuff! Viewer note: this particular store runs from the 0:00-1:17 mark, the source some how extended this clip to 30 mins!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Kentucky Man Tells Judge “I don’t Need A Lecture” After Being Sentenced 20 Years For Scalping Ex Girlfriend !! (3/11/2017)

Gruesom Attack Over Facebook Post

This man got upset over a Facebook post and this was the end results of his anger!! This maybe a shocker to some, but I dont follow my girlfriend or ex girlfriend on Facebook, and they dont follow me!! Also, I only allot myself 20 mins or less a day on Facebook… I just cant take the amount of frivolous fuckery I see on there…

Today’s HumanFuckery: Police Officer From North Carolina Pleads Guilty To Impregnating 14 Year Old Girl!! (3/11/2017)

This officer probably didn’t think he would get caught because of him being the law! We could only imagine how long this girl would have been abused and how many other young girls would have become victim to this pedophile if this fuckery didn’t happen ! Hopefully, if there are others this monster abused they come forward…I guarantee there are!

Fuckery Flashback: ElimiDate (3/10/2017)

I recently just got caught up on Workaholics (sad this is the last season) last night and there was an episode entitled Termidate which is actually a spoof of ElimiDate. What is Elimidate you may ask? To paraphrase what this show was about one person male or female has the pleasure of dating 4 people of the opposite sex at one time. The group would go do various types of activities and at the end of that activity the person who the four contestants are vying for gets to eliminate one of the four contestants until there is only one person left! You can only imagine what type of fuckery would ensue!! With out further ado presents this weeks fuckery flashback: Elimidate!!

Gotta love it when things get to the point where bitches are getting violent!!

And then we have the hoes

And we will wrap this up with clips with men doing the most!!

R.I.P ElimiDate 2001-2006