Craigslist Fuckery: Utah Man Admits To Enticing A Minor After Reporting Craigslist Scam!! (9/12/2017)

54 Year Old Man Arrested After Soliciting Sexual Activity From 16 Year Old Boy!!!

People still use Craigslist for hook ups! Last time we looked at the personals section (for research purposes of course) we saw a lot of ads saying that the site was filled with nothing but bots, scammers, and time wasters.. In this case this boy’s father contacted this pervert to ask for money for repairs because the teen allegedly damaged his car trying to meet this man. After this teen’s father contacted Deelstra, Deelstra contacted the cops and told them everything that was going down!

Excerpt From Article:
“[Deelstra] reported to the FBI that [the boy] never showed up and a person claiming to be [the boy]’s father was now demanding he send money to cover car repairs because [the boy] had damaged the vehicle while trying to go meet [Deelstra],” a detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

“Deelstra also gave Logan Police access to his smartphone, and police said they found sexually explicit messages and photos exchanged between Deelstra and the boy.”

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