Fuckery Flashback- Big Lurch (2/9/2018)

It would be fitting that we follow yesterday’s story with the young lady plucking her eye balls out with her bare hands with the rapper Houston who was high on pcp and used a plastic fork to gouge his own eye out but, we’ve already covered his antics in a previous Fuckery Flashback..

We’re sure most of you are asking who the fuck is Big Lurch.. Antron Singleton A.K.A Big Lurch is a former rapper who serving a life sentence for murdering 21-year-old roommate Tynisha Ysais and eating parts of her body in April 2002!! This fuckery happened while under the influence of PCP!

Here are some of the details from this fuckery:

The victim was found in her apartment by a friend. Her chest had been torn open and a three-inch blade was found broken off in her scapula. Teeth marks were found on her face and on her lungs, which had been torn from her chest. An eyewitness reported that, when Singleton was picked up by police, he was naked, covered in blood, standing in the middle of the street, and staring at the sky. Neighbors reported hearing “thrashing sounds, followed by an argument, when Singleton said ‘Tynisha, you’re a sock’, and from there was only screaming.”[4] A medical examination performed shortly after his capture found human flesh in his stomach that was not his own. The victim’s boyfriend said she and the aspiring rapper used PCP the day before the alleged murder took place.

Here’s a random selection of his music, more can be found on youtube!!

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