Fuckery Flashback: The Time Where Every Rap Song Had A Dance To It!! (1/20/2017)

When these songs started to hit the airwaves I personally could see that rap was slowly on the decline!! It seemed as if every artist around this time period placed less of an emphasis on lyricism and had the overall goal of making a song that had zero substance but was catchy, oh and lets make some sort of dance to this so people can attempt to learn it… During this time period nothing angered me more than seeing a grown ass man in a bar knowing every single dance step to Soulja Boy’s Crank That. Without further ado Humanfuckery.com presents this weeks Fuckery Flashback: The Time Where Every Rap Song Had A Dance To It!!

Soulja Boy- Crank That

Never liked this song from the get go! Exhibited no skill or talent to make this, but give credit where credit is due, this song and dance was all over the place. We wanna wish Soulja luck in his upcoming fight with Chris Brown, we have our money on Chris Over here!

Dem Franchize Boyz – Lean wit it Rock wit it

Catchy beat, subpar lyrics,and a dance = HIT. This was the formula for success back then in the rap game!

DJ Unk- Walk It Out

True story!! I was visiting St.Louis with my great aunt and this song came on the radio… Her reaction to this song was this ” Please turn this song, there is just way to much going on!” I feel as if what really happened was this song was giving her a god damn headache. Picture what she would of thought if she was somewhere where people were actually doing the dance to the song, I’m sure she would of thought the folks dancing to this were having a seizure!

GS Boys Stanky Legg

Just imagine if you had the pleasure of producing a whole CD with this group! If I were the producer I would have to be completely fucked up for this fuckery… I originally selected 8 tracks to be featured in this post,for a nostalgic factor I’ve listen to every track I posted so far. Needless to say, I currently have a headache and I’m going to end this post with a track from a few years back…. drum roll please!!!!!!!!

Silentó – Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

This song has almost 2 billion views. It has 2 billion views because the song is just so damn good? If that is the case and point where is the rest of his CD?

Due to the fact that all of this is making my head hurt, this concludes this week’s Fuckery Flashback!

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