Fuckery We Missed: 2 Month Old Child Airlifted To Fargo Hospital After Man Loses His Temper Playing Video Games!!(1/12/2020)

Man Abuses 2 Month Old After Losing Temper Playing Video Games..

Excerpt From Article:

The infant had injuries to the face, including bruising to the forehead, right eye and the tip of the tongue as well as a subdermal hematoma, or a brain bleed.

The child was in the care of Andrew Procive.

Court documents state Procive shook the infant as many as three times and slammed them to the couch and mattress.

He says he lost his temper during a video game.

Unbelievable… One can only hope that this fucktard receives his dose of karma from Bubba & Company in the pen.. We at humanfuckery.com wish this poor child a speedy recovery..

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