Fuckery We Missed: 3 Men In Florida Broke Into Home While Wearing GPS Ankle Monitors!! (8/22/2020)

3 Men With Broke Into Home While Wearing GPS Ankle Monitors!

Excerpt From Article:

A group of men already on pretrial release for previous offenses are behind a string of burglaries carried them out while wearing ankle monitors that track their locations, police said.

Authorities seized more than $150,000 in cash, an AK-47, a Smith & Wesson handgun, cellphones, iPads, jewelry, designer handbags, ammunition, blank checks, fraudulent debit and credit cards, and a stolen vehicle, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

Zion Odain Denvor Hall, 21, Tyrek Davontae Williams, 19, and Tremaine Raekwon Hill, 18, were arrested Friday. They are accused of being part of a criminal organization committing burglaries, armed burglaries, fraud, gun thefts and other criminal acts throughout South Florida, Hollywood police said Tuesday.

Ugh!!! This stupid fuckery again (view see also links below)!!!

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