Fuckery We Missed: Crack Pipe Found In Florida Woman’s Groin!! (1/12/2018)

Crack Pipe Found During Florida Woman’s X-Ray!!

Excerpt From Article:

Graham told officials she had no contraband on or in her.

An X-ray scan, however, helped reveal a “small object” in her pelvic region.

Given a change of clothes, Graham was scanned again.

“The same object was visible on the X-ray,” the affidavit states.

Graham was taken about 5 miles away to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute where investigators said she agreed to a body cavity search, which is a search of body cavities and a promising name for a heavy metal band.

Additional X-rays were taken before a doctor extracted from her vagina “a small glass smoking pipe, commonly used for smoking crack or other illegal drugs,” the affidavit said.

Here we fucking go again with perps artfully concealing drug paraphernalia in their orifices again!! Honestly this type of fuckery is slowly becoming our favorite fuckery to post!!!

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