Fuckery We Missed: Drunk Florida Woman Attempts To Use Her Puke And Shit As A Weapon Against Cops Arresting Her!! (7/9/2018)

Drunk Florida Woman Attempts To Use Her Puke And Shit As A Weapon!!

Excerpt From Article:

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was called to the hotel at 10:18 p.m. June 30, where they found Day, who was “severely intoxicated,” holding her daughter on the sidewalk, the arrest report states.

Day’s boyfriend told deputies he and Day had been fighting all day and he was about to leave them at the hotel and return to Fort Myers.

Police said Day tightened her grip around her child so tightly that the child couldn’t breathe. So they forcibly took the girl by prying open her arms.

That’s when Day kicked a deputy, who immediately took her to the ground where she continued to kick.

While being held on the ground by deputies, Day forced herself to vomit and proceeded to lick it up and spit it at the officers, police said.

That wasn’t the only bodily fluid Day attempted to use as a weapon.

“Kimberly tried to defecate in her hand and stated she would throw her feces on” deputies, the police report states.

Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself !!


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