Fuckery We Missed: Florida Man Accused Of Biting Off Fellow Camper’s Finger!!! (11/13/2018)

Florida Man Bites Of Camper’s Finger!!

Excerpt From Article:

Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said Rodriguez and the victim — a 55-year-old man from Crestview — had been staying at neighboring campsites. The victim and his wife stopped by Rodriguez’s campsite to share a bottle of tequila, but when they arrived it appeared Rodriguez had already been drinking, Linhardt said.

The victim told deputies that Rodriguez was loud and rude and eventually lost his balance and fell to the ground. The victim tried to help Rodriguez up several times but was unsuccessful.

On the final attempt, Rodriguez then bit the victim, severing his finger, Linhardt said

Paramedics transported the victim to Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island. Paramedics were able to find the victim’s severed finger, but the victim said doctors at the hospital were unable to reattach it

Lets just chalk this fuckery up to Florida man doing Florida man things!! It honestly sucks that this victim has lost their finger over this man being a drunk fucktard! Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve come across fuckery like this….. Feel free to view the see also links for similar stories!

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