Fuckery We Missed: Florida Man Literally Caught “Red Handed” With Spray Painted Stolen Car!!! (1/6/2019)

Spray Painted Stolen Car!!

Excerpt From Article:

The vehicle’s license plates were from Wyoming, but they did not return as a match on the vehicle. The plates were registered to a Dubois couple for a different vehicle. The VIN on the vehicle returned as a blue Dodge Avenger which was reported stolen in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers revealed in court documents that upon vehicle inspection, it appeared that the car had recently been spray painted red. Several cans of spray paint and sandpaper were located in the vehicle, along with masking tape on the window edges.

Ewing himself had red spray paint on his hands, clothing, and shoes at the time of the arrest.

This fuckery only works in GTA!


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