Fuckery We Missed: Florida Man Shot Teen 3 Times For Dumping Tobacco In His Driveway!! (1/9/2020)

Florida Man Shot Teen 3 Times For Dumping Tobacco From Blunt In Driveway!!

Excerpt From Article:

According to an Escambia County Sheriff’s report, three men drove to a home located in Escambia County on the 5800-block of Tryton Circle Thursday afternoon to “squash a beef.”

The report states Ke’shae Baker, 18, got out of the SUV to talk to Phillip Bivins, 18, and Bivins threatened to shoot Baker. Bivins then shot Baker at least three times in his lower abdomen.

Deputies say the dispute rooted from Baker rolling a marijuana blunt and dumping the tobacco on Bivins’ driveway.

Baker managed to get back into the SUV, and the three men left the scene.

All this fuckery over a gutted blunt!! Jeez, it wasn’t like this man who got shot dropped all the weed… We guess you’ll have sometime to think about how stupid your actions were while sitting in the pen.. We at humanfuckery.com wish the victim a speedy recovery..

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