Fuckery We Missed: Man Charged With Spraying Lysol In Illinois Walmart While Wearing ‘I have coronavirus’ Sign!! (2/9/2020)

‘I Have Coronavirus’

Excerpt From Article:

Police identified Wallace as a suspect in the Feb. 2 incident after sharing surveillance photos of two people allegedly walking through a Joliet Walmart spraying Lysol on products and produce.

Police said they entered Walmart about 4:10 p.m. in the 1400 block of Route 59 and one of them put on a yellow surgical mask.
The masked suspect wore a handmade sign reading “Caution I have the Coronavirus” then sprayed Lysol on produce, clothing and health and beauty items, police said.

Walmart estimated the loss of produce to be over $7,300, and the cleanup costs totaled over $2,400, police said.

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