Fuckery We Missed: Man Drives Stolen Car To Jail To Bond Out Girlfriend Who Was Arrested For Driving Stolen Car!!! (1/27/2019)

Man Picks Up Girlfriend From Police Station In Stole Car!!

Excerpt From Article:

“After making contact with the driver, the officer discovered that the license plate displayed on the back of the Jeep was stolen,” Pihera said. “The driver told the officer that she purchased the vehicle through an ad on a buy/sell/trade website. After the driver was arrested and placed in the backseat of a patrol car, the officers found that the VIN plate displayed in the windshield was fraudulent. The true VIN was found. The vehicle was reported stolen from Thrifty Rental in Tennessee when someone rented the vehicle with fraudulent information.”

Cooper was ultimately taken to the Gwinnett County Jail, where Motor Vehicle Theft Unit investigators called Taylor-Canty to tell him that she was in jail, Pihera said.

That’s when things went south for Taylor-Canty.

“Derrick traveled to the jail to bond out Akhria. While in the parking lot, he called the investigator to inquire about his girlfriend,” Pihera said. “Suspecting that Derrick could also be in a stolen vehicle, the investigators confronted Derrick in the parking lot. The 2019 Infiniti that he was driving also had a fraudulent VIN. The true VIN was found, and investigators learned that the vehicle was reported stolen from Enterprise Rental in Kentucky. He was placed under arrest.”

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