Fuckery We Missed: Man ‘Pulled A Bag Of Coke From His Penis’ During Strip Search In Police Station!! (11/26/2018)

Man Pulls Coke From His Dick During Arrest!!!

Excerpt From Article:

On the way the officers saw him “starting to fiddle with his sock and put his hands down his trousers”.

They handcuffed him ” to stop him messing with his clothes” and put in a request to strip search him when they got to the police station, which was granted.

At that point, Ms Jendrzejewski said: “He removed his trousers, pulled back his foreskin and pulled a white bag of powder from his penis.

“The defendant was asked what it was and replied that it was cocaine.”

Mason was fined £120 after magistrates said they had “rarely seen such an example of foolish adolescent behaviour”.

He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.”

Well…This incident of fuckery is definitely a first!!! Wtf!! When it usually comes to men artfully concealing things in their bodies you usually think about men stuffing things in their asses not their dicks!! This fuckery has us at a loss for words!! For more incidents of fuckery involving people stashing drugs or drug paraphernalia in their private areas feel free to see the see also links below!!

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