Fuckery We Missed: Man Told Police He Exposed Himself In Mall Because He ‘Hasn’t Gotten Any In A While’!!! (4/15/2018)

”Hasn’t Gotten Any In A While”

Due To The Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

VANCOUVER, Wash. – An 18-year-old is facing an indecent exposure charge after police say he exposed himself to people on the escalator at the Vancouver Mall.

Police say they responded to the incident Wednesday at 2:43 p.m. Mall security told officers they had a man in custody who had revealed his genitals out in public. The suspect is 18-year-old Jordan Richards.

A 67-year old woman told police she was going down the escalator while Richards was coming up the escalator with his genitals outside the zipper on his pants. She said he “locked eyes” with her and she believed he wanted her to look at what was outside his pants. The woman told police the sight made her “shocked and angry.”

When police questioned Richards he initially said he had issues with his zipper being down. But later, after he was in custody, he admitted he had his penis outside his pants and was exposing himself because he “hasn’t gotten any in a while.”

Richards has been previously convicted of indecent exposure.

After reviewing surveillance video, police charged Richards with one count of indecent exposure.

One can assume that the reason this man “‘hasn’t gotten any in a while” is due to Craigslist taking down its personals ads and Backpage shutting down, perverts who do deviant sex acts like this can’t pull any pussy on the regular so they retort to vile sex acts like this for personal gratification!!

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