Fuckery We Missed: Man Who Hid Dead Roommate’s Body Under Mattress, Had Sex On Top Of It, Convicted Of Corpse Abuse!! (12/2/2019)

Man Killed Roommate, Stuffed Dead Body Under Mattress, Proceeds To Have Sex On Top Of Body!!

Excerpt From Article:

A 56-year-old man was convicted Tuesday of two counts of abusing a corpse after investigators said he covered his dead roommate’s body with a mattress and other household items and then had sex with a different woman “multiple times” on top of the corpse.

A Multnomah County jury unanimously convicted Clayton Lamont Howard on two counts after a 10-day trial in which Howard served as his own attorney. He is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 3.

Man WTF!! At a loss for words with this fuckery!!!


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