Fuckery We Missed: South Carolina Man Shot 17 Year Old Cousin For Eating His Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips!!! (10/13/2018)

Cousin Shot Over Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips!

Excerpt From Article:

He told deputies that his cousin had accidentally shot himself by dropping a hunting rifle while cleaning it, the agency said in a statement.

The cousin confirmed the account in a brief statement to deputies before being rushed into life-saving surgery and eventually to a Charleston-area hospital for more treatment.

But the evidence didn’t line up with that story, sheriff’s Maj. J.W. Chapman said.

“We knew from the beginning that something wasn’t right,” he said. “The more we looked into it, the more it seemed odd.”

The pathway the bullet had taken through the victim’s chest was “impossible” if the victim had mistakenly shot himself, Chapman said.

And when the victim woke up a week later at Trident Medical Center in North Charleston, he told investigators potato chips were at the center of a dispute that prompted Langdale to purposefully shoot him, Chapman said.

“Do not touch my chips, or I’ll shoot you,” Langdale said, according to the victim’s account in a sheriff’s incident report.

Here we go again with somebody getting shot by someone over a food item… SMH… We at humanfuckery.com wish the victim a speedy recovery! For more incidents of fuckery involving people being shot over food feel free to view the see also links below!

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