Fuckery We Missed: Tennessee Man Arrested After Calling 911, Asking If Dispatcher Wanted To Buy Egg Rolls!! (9/8/2020)

You Want Egg Rolls?

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A man was arrested after he reportedly called 911 many times and asked the dispatcher if they wanted to buy egg rolls.

Court documents say Huu Nguyen has called 911 approximately 1,171 times since July 15, 2020 without having an emergency. Nguyen reportedly called 911 241 times on September 1 and 32 times on September 2.

During one of the calls on September 2, Nguyen reportedly asked dispatchers if they wanted to buy egg rolls and then hung up.

Memphis Police found Nguyen in a shopping center in the area of Ridgeway and Winchester and took him into custody.

Dispatch: 911 whats your emergency?

This guy: You want buy egg roll or no?

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