Fuckery We Missed: Wisconsin Man Calls 911 Seeking “Someone To Fool Around With!!! (2/1/2020)

“Fool Around”

Excerpt From Article:

In one conversation with a female dispatcher, Duddles said, “It would be super duper cool if we could spend some quality time together.” The operator replied, “I don’t know you so I don’t want to spend quality time with you.”

While speaking with a male dispatcher during a second call, Duddles asked, “Well, do you wanna, you know, fool around?” “No, I don’t want to fool around,” the operator shot back.

Officers sent to Duddles’s Milwaukee-area residence discovered him, not surprisingly, in an intoxicated state. They also found a “glass smoking pipe” and THC in the apartment.

Why not just use a dating app to find someone to fulfill your need to fool around with?? Guess we can add calling 911 to look for someone to fool around with to the list of cockamamie 911 calls.. View more 911 fuckery below in the see also links below..

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