Happy Mothers Day From Us At HumanFuckery.com!!! (5/12/2019)

In observance of Mother’s Day we’ve elected to repost all the Mothers who are in contention for our end of the year award for Mother Of The Year!

Fun fact: Americans are estimated to spend a bout $25 BILLION on Mother’s Day gifts this year!! How much do you think these Mother’s below are gonna have spent on them???

Potential Mother Of The Year: Mother Drove Drunk To “Teach Her Son A Lesson”!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A mother has been charged with DUI and endangering the welfare of a minor after reportedly driving drunk with her son in the vehicle.

According to her arrest citation, 48-year-old Sunita Jairam told police she “drank a lot of beer and got in her car to drive to teach her son a lesson.” She also claimed to have driven at 150 mph while the child was in the car.

Officers say Jairam smelled of alcohol and was slurring her speech. Jairam also reportedly told investigators that she had been drinking all day.

The citation says Jairam’s son told police he had tried to get out of the car several times because of his mother’s driving, but was unable to because the door was locked.

Jairam was taken to the Fayette County Detention Center.

First and foremost glad no one was hurt!! This woman’s son should take note on how much everything is going to cost this woman… Between bailing out of jail, getting your car out impound, hiring a good lawyer, and potential fines for your crime you’re probably looking at about $10,000! Also this son should take note on how time consuming getting a DUI is between going to court for lord knows how long, to going to court appointed classes, oh and if you’re placed on probation you have to meet with your probation officer regularly too,and you possibly may have to do community service also! Thanks Mom for the life lesson!

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Two Potential Mother Of The Year Candidates : Polar Vortex Edition!!

Iowa Mom Charged After Leaving Kids Alone In Car In Single Digit Temperatures!!!



Kansas Mom Charged After Going Into Bar, Leaving 2 Toddlers In Car On Freezing Night


Potential Mother Of The Year: South Carolina Woman Posts A Facebook Video Of Her Pouring Water On Sleeping 9-Month-Old’s Face!!

Excerpt From Article:

Deputies say that on Jan. 26 at a location on Camden Highway, Hardy caused “ill-treatment, unnecessary pain and suffering, and/or deprivation of necessary sustenance upon a female minor child” after she poured water on her child’s face and posted a video of it on Facebook.

After being poured with water the second time, the infant woke up coughing. A number of concerned people contacted the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office regarding these images and video.

Screenshots of the post circulating on social media show the original post saying: “Payback for waking me up all kinda times of da night.”

This “mom” deserves every charge shes facing, Hopefully she’ll get some jail time for this fuckery!!! Unbelievable!!



Potential Mother Of The Year Candidate : New Jersey Mom Killed Toddler Because He Wouldn’t Eat, Listen!

Unbelievable.. Any parent should know that any kid that’s 23 months old will be defiant at times and not do as told at times, that doesn’t mean that you kill them!! We at humanfuckery.com send our condolences to the ones who love this poor child!



Potential Mother Of The Year: Mother Accused Of Faking 5 Year Old’s Illness For Disability Checks!! (

Here’s a wild idea… Instead of faking your son’s illness for money how about you get yourself a job? Eh it doesn’t matter now since you’re headed to jail, hopefully for a lengthy stay!


Potential Mother Of The Year Candidate: Texas Mom Facing Up To 20 Years In Jail For Leaving Her Five Kids Home Alone During Myrtle Beach Trip!!

Excerpt From Article:

Chrystal Nichole Walraven was arrested in February and charged with two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, which is a second-degree felony. Her children range in age from 15 months to 12 years old.

The 28-year-old mother told authorities she traveled to Myrtle Beach back in August “because she needed to get away from everything that was happening at home” and to investigate a job opportunity, according a newly-released affidavit obtained by the Austin Statesman.

She stayed with a male friend during her days away and went to the beach as well as other tourist attractions while her children struggled to get by back at home.

WTF!!! Honestly we doubt this woman will be charged with 20 years, we say that due to the fact that we’ve come across a mom from Iowa who left her kids home alone while she vacationed in….. GERMANY!! In that particular case this woman only received… 2 YEARS PROBATION!! For more info on similar incidents of fuckery and please feel free to visit the see also links below.

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Potential Mother Of The Year Candidate: Mother Runs Over Drunk Son On Purpose!!

This mom gave ZERO FUCKS that day… We at humanfuckery.com wish this man a speedy recovery, that’s if he makes one!



Potential Mother Of The Year: Police: Phoenix Child Punched For Not Being Good Enough Lookout For Shoplifting Grandma!!

Excerpt From Article:

Court documents state 27-year-old Rebecca Gonzales came to the store to pick up her 7-year-old son, who was being used by his grandmother as a lookout while she shoplifted.

Officers reportedly saw Gonzales slap and punch the child in the face when she was in the parking lot.

The child reportedly told police that he was hit because “he didn’t watch out for his grandma good enough.”

At a loss for words with this fuckery!!


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