Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Angered By Roommates Dogs Shitting On Floor!! Takes Aggression Out By Beating Dogs With Broomstick And Shooting Them With B.B. Gun!!(3/27/2017)

Owner Beats And Shoots Dogs With B.B. Gun

The fucked up thing about this incident of fuckery was that these dogs weren’t even his to be putting his hands on! This man could of just been a good roommate and picked the shit up or kept it moving and left it for the dog owner to deal with (which really isn’t a good option in my opinion). Glad to hear that these dogs are going to survive this attack!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Volleyball Coach Arrested After Sending Lewd Text To 13 Year Old Girl!! (3/27/2017)

Text Filled With Sexual Innuendo

Apparently, this fuck boy thought his actions were ok! Your 21, go hit on people your own damn age!! Go to a bar and talk lewdly to people your own age, you maybe surprised on what may happen! After this incident of fuckery a simple google search of this man’s name will produce this story which should result in ladies wanting nothing to do with this pedophile.

Today’s HumanFuckery: 2 Girls Shot In Alabama!!!!Water Balloon Fight During Senior Skip Day Turns Into Shoot Out!!! (3/26/2017)

Shooting During Senior Skip Day

Someone started shooting because during the water balloon fight someone decided to start throwing eggs instead… We can only guess that someone had a vendetta against a person there and they wanted to settle the score with egging said person. Who ever got egged obviously wasn’t playing that shit that day and said fuck it I’m start shootin!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Sex Case In Italy Dropped Because Victim “Did Not Scream”!!! (3/26/2017)

Victim Is Now Facing Slander Charges

The article states that this woman said “enough” to try and thwart this attack.. The thing the courts should of considered is that when some people face trauma like this they may think they are screaming or attempt to but they just cant because they are so distraught. This woman was an alleged victim of sexual abuse from her father so her actions during this assault probably correlates with this incident!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Couple Overdose With Toddlers In The Car!!! (3/25/2017)

Couple Overdose In Car

If any of you out there is battling addiction, please go seek some help! We at hate stories like this because these two are endangering their selves and others with their addiction. Their addiction also is going to lead them to potentially losing their children, all because they are fucked up on drugs! If your continuing to lose in life because of your addiction, go attempt to seek help before it is too late!!!

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