Today’s HumanFuckery: Mom, Kids Found Dead In SUV After She Killed Estranged Husband’s Girlfriend! (7/16/2017)

Mom Kills After Losing Custody Case!!

This was all over this woman losing a custody battle..It’s sick that someone would do such a thing to their own kids because they are upset about losing a custody battle.. We at would like to send our condolences to all the victims families and friends!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Oregon Woman Arrested For Towing Kids In A Wagon Behind Her Car!! (7/15/2017)

Mom Towing Kids In Wagon Behind Her Car!

Excerpt from article:

Donahue told police it wasn’t a big deal, that she was “showing the kids a good time,” and only driving 5 miles per hour.

According to Lt. McKee, witness saw something different.

“I talked to a witness today that said she saw them go by her house in their neighborhood and they were going like 30 miles an hour!!
Human fuckery at its finest folks!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: California Man Sentenced To 16 years In Prison For Killing 21 Cats!! (7/15/2017)

Cat Killer

This man was luring peoples cats from their homes and killing them!! Nothing much more to say about this one, this fuckery speaks for itself!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: 3 Arrested For Streaming Sexual Assault On Facebook Live!! (7/15/2017)

Sexual Assault Streamed On Facebook Live

So this is what we are becoming as a society??? This type of behavior isn’t shocking to us at all because we’ve covered fuckery like this before. View the see also below for more stories!!

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