Today’s HumanFuckery: Naked Woman Steals Cop Car And Then Leads Authorities On High Speed Chase (1/14/2017)

Naked Lady Steals Cop Car And Leads Authorities On High Speed Chase

This fuckery happened on Jan. 5, I have no clue how this fuckery managed to slip by us.. In this case she claims that she was drugged and her skin was on fire… I’m sure all of you out there would like to know what type of drugs she was on, my guess would be some Meth… In the link above there is more info and a short clip of this shit!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Mom Gets Probation For Raping Teen Daughter’s Boyfriend (1/14/2017)

Mom Rapes Daughters Teen Boyfriend

“Come over here and get some of Mrs. Goodman’s sweet pie!!” I feel as if this is what she said before she assaulted this poor teen! This fuckery is defiantly sick and she should be facing some sort of jail time, but we all know how the legal system goes here in the USA.. Maybe she offered the judge a slice of her sweet pie!

Today’s HumanFuckery: 12 Year Old Kid Attempts To Rob Classmate At Gunpoint For Her McNuggets!!! (1/14/2017)

Are Mcnuggets that good, I usually stick with my usual Mcdoubles dressed like a Big Macs? I mean, if this was an attempt to rob someone of Chick-Fil-A I would be a bit more understanding on why this kid would attempt this.. All jokes aside, the thing that is fucked up about this story is that this is a child who did this and that this child had a firearm.

Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend With Taco (1/12/2017)

Man Asults Girlfriend After Finding Out She Had An Online Dating Profile

This fuckery stemmed from this man finding out that his girlfriend had an online dating profile.. We can only assume that this girlfriend was out there looking for some side dick! Unfortunately, dude snapped after finding out, which is understandable knowing that you have a girl that is casually looking for new D without your knowledge but assaulting her with a taco is crossing the line!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Austin Police Give Explanation On How Suspect Shot Himself (1/12/2017)

I came across this incident when it happened and I didn’t elect to comment on the matter until a official incident report was issued. The only thing I wanna know is how this gun was missed during this officer’s frisking of this suspect. On a serious note, if any of you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please attempt to get some sort of help, please do not worry about what others will thing about you trying to help yourself because unfortunately things like that happen!