Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Who Fatally Stabbed Wife With Screwdriver In Hospital Bathroom Pleads Guilty To Murder!! (4/25/2017)

Man Stabbed Wife To Death In Hospital Bathroom

This man stabbed his wife after learning that she was planning on moving to Cali with a relative! This man went to his truck, grabbed a screwdriver,and then followed his wife in the restroom and stabbed her to death!! If your wondering why this fuckery happened at a hospital, the family was visiting a family member who had a heart attack which turned out to be fatal! We at send our condolences to this family!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Teens Partied In House After Killing Grandparents!! (4/25/2017)

Also Had Plans To Kill Boyfriend’s Family

Came across this fuckery while scrolling thru my Instagram feed the other day! These heinous murders were done due to the fact that this girl’s grandparents became too strict on this girl!! Welp, where this girl is headed her life is gonna be very strict!! Also, this girl must have some killer puss if she got her boyfriend to help with these killings!