Hodgepodge Fuckery: Man Runs Into Burning Building To Save Novels (9/23/2016)

hodgepodge fuckery

Man Heroic Rescue Of His Life’s Work

Gideon Hodge answered the age old question: If your house was burning down and all your love ones were safe. What would you run in after and try to save? He chose his life’s work!! Any of you out there who are any sort of artist understands why he did so! The creative process is that, A PROCESS! Who knows how many sleepless nights he encountered due to the fact of him being stuck creatively. When your books come out, I will be one of the first to purchase them!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Whitney Wisconsin (9/20/2016)

Welp… Curiosity led me to this video.. While scrolling through my instagram feed I saw an interesting remix to the clip posted above (see dog fuckery link below to view). I dont know where she lives(assuming one backwards ass state or country) but if someone out there is a lawyer or knows law please let this nasty bitch know the statute in her state!