Today’s HumanFuckery: Chinese Man Arrested For Capturing Up 500 Cats He Planned To Sell To Restaurants!! (6/15/2017)

Your Neighborhood Cat Snatcher!!

Before you mind wanders to the stereotype that is cast on Chinese food here in the states, over in China it is not illegal to eat cat or dog.. The crazy thing about this incident of fuckery is that this man was capturing every single cat he came across… Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve came across someone with a questionable surplus of cats. In one case we covered a man who bought a storage locker discovered a freezer full of dead cats (view see also link below)!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Poisonous Snake Bites Man, Man Bites Wife So They Could “Die Together”!! (6/15/2017)

“He told me he loved me too much and want to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it. I allowed him to do so”

It is truly hard to find love like this in this day and age! We at would like to send our condolences to this man’s wife (who is a true ride or die bitch) and the rest of this man’s family and friends!

Today’s HumanFuckery: More United Airlines Fuckery!!! (6/15/2017)

United Employee Pushes Elderly Man To Ground For No Reason!

How many L’s can United Airlines take in one year?? At this point if United gave me a ticket for free I would probably decline due to all the fuckery.

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Caught On Camera Pissing And Shitting On House!!! (6/13/2017)

Pissing And Shitting On Home

Sadly, this isnt the first time we covered an incident of fuckery like this…. View the see also links below for more fuckery with scat…. NASTY FUCKS!

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