Today’s HumanFuckery: Toddlers With Guns!!! (3/22/2017)

In this first story we all should be thankful that this kid didn’t kill himself or any one else! How do you forget where your fire arm is???

And then there is this fuckery…..

2-year-old who fatally shot brother had been allowed to handle gun before

2 Year Old Fatally Shot By 9 Year Old Brother

I dont know how stupid someone has to be to let a two year old play with a real god damn gun, loaded or not! These two stories are episodes of human fuckery at its finest!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Oregon Mayor Accused Of Soliciting Sex With A 14 Year Old!!! (3/21/2017)

Mayor Solicited Girl On Facebook

I wish this fuckery was caught by Chris Hansen and his Dateline crew!! The reason why is because this mayor would be exposed nationally on primetime television! This mayor was using his prestige to lure this girl in, here is a snippet from the affidavit obtained by authorities

Barrett mentions in the online messages several times that he’s mayor of Winston, acknowledges the decoy is 14 and describes himself as “71 with the mind of a 17 year old and the energy of a 12 year old,”

This fuckery makes me sick!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Cop Claims $28,000 In Overtime Pay While He Watched Child Porn That Was Evidence!!! (3/21/2017)

Cop Receives One Year Jail Sentence

We can only imagine what other evidence this man has got his hands on!! I think one year is a little lenient for this officers actions because he exhibits signs of a being a pedophile, what I mean by that is that he was viewing these child porn files at his leisure..he wasn’t using these files for work!!! This officer must of had a lot of merit at the station because 1 year for this fuckery is garbage!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Accused Of Pouring Bleach On Boyfriend’s Dog And His Clothing After Argument!!! (3/20/2017)

Woman Pours Bleach On Dog Over Argument

The god damn dog did nothing to you!!! We can only assume that she never liked the pouch! Who cares about the clothes, you can always get more but what did the dog do?? I could see this lady getting mad that her boyfriend (should be ex after this stunt) showed the dog more attention to the dog than her!

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