Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Rapes And Kills Teen Girl, Victim’s Mom Assisted Man In Dismembering Body!! (1/8/2017)

Man Rapes And Kills Teen Girl, Victim’s Mom Helps Him Dismember Body

These two deserve nothing less than the death penalty for these deplorable acts! The link above gives a great breakdown of the whole incident. sends our condolences to the family members out there that truly cared about this teen, it is for certain that her ”mother” didn’t to participate in these vile acts!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting (1/7/2017)

Yes, this fuckery happened yesterday, but if you have been a frequent visitor to you may have noticed that on Fridays we mix it up with Fuckery Flashback/s. We need a day of decompression and levity from reporting some of the fuckery that happens during the week! With that being said, we will address this matter now! First and foremost we send our condolences to the victims families and friends. Secondly, if this person went to the an FBI office and said some cockamamie stuff like this guy did, why wasn’t this guy taken in for a mental evaluation, especially if he served this country?

Fuckery Flashback: Viral Internet Stars: Special Ed Edition (1/6/2017)

If you were following the correct people on Instagram or on Vine, you have probably came across one of these 3! These 3 were virtually all over the place for a minute doing and saying all types of fuckery which you have the pleasure of viewing below!

Welven Da Great

Welven Da Great single handily brought back the phrase ” Deez Nutz”!! In a state of pure elation from him dropping that joke on his unsuspecting father Welven Da Great screams GOTTTTEM!! which entered everyone’s lexicon for a few weeks (dont lie)..

Real Wings

Next up we have Real Wings.. The first video pretty much sums up my first impressions of Real Wings which was, “Who is this sloth who invaded my timeline??”


Last but not least, we have A-town! With his exotic hair color(which reminds me of Rodman) he may have the most style in my opinion between the 3.. But in all actuality the 3 of them have their own distinct styles that kept us entertained.

In closing, these 3 had one hell of a run on social media, hopefully they enjoyed ever minute of their internet fame!