Today’s HumanFuckery: Two Incidents Of Fuckery That Involved Teachers And Heroin!! (5/4/2017)

Heroin, Syringes Found In Teacher’s Purse!! Teacher Also Sold School Property For Drugs!!!

40 Syringes Found In Teachers Purse !!

We can only hope that this teacher sitting in jail for a while will force her to clean up her act! She’s a mess!

Special Education Teacher Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With 14 Year Old Teacher!! Teacher Blames Sex On Heroin Use!!

Special Education Teacher Blames Heroin For Sexual Assault Of Student

We think heroin had nothing to do with this, she didn’t have any of age suitors!!

If any of you out there are battling any sort of addiction, please seek help before it’s to late!!!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Woman Dies After Being Punched In The Face By A Man In A Bar!!! (5/3/2017)

Woman Dies After Man Punches Her In Face

This man punched this lady in the face because she pretty much denied his advances!! Hopefully in the pen someone punches this man in the face and takes advantage of him! We at sends our condolences to this woman’s family and friends, this woman didn’t deserve this fuckery!

Update: This man is set to serve 11 Years in prison for this fuckery!!