Fuckery Flashback: Its All About That WHOOP WHOOP!! (4/28/2017)

Personally this is one of my favorite classic viral videos!! I feel like Lil Sis and Bub Rub were the only two people on the planet who altered their cars to do this fuckery! Honestly, can you name a person you know who did this to their car??

Humanfuckery.com hopes all of you out there have a great weekend! Be safe and please try and refrain from any incidents of fuckery!!! It is Friday!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Driving Sketchy White Van With “Sex, Drugs, And Rock N’ Roll” Painted On Side Arrested For Drug Dealing! (4/27/2017)

“Sex,Drugs, And Rock N Roll”

I dont think the saying that was plastered on the side of this fan is what made this van sketchy.. It was the actual van.. The authorities busted this guy with the following:$1,405 in cash, Packaging material for drug sales, 6.3 grams of methamphetamine,Electronic scale,Several knives, and Tear gas!! This van needs to be uploaded to suspiciousvan.com!!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Kicked Off Delta Flight For Using Bathroom While Plane Was Delayed For Take Off!! (4/27/2017)

So this man should have just pissed his pants? These airlines are getting out of control! We at humanfuckery.com would like to send a shotout to Southwest Airlines! We feel as if Southwest Airlines is the only major American airline who isn’t marred by some sort of scandal! If you would like to see this confrontation check out the video is below!