Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Who Was 7 Months Pregnant Overdoses On Heroin, Baby In Critical Condition!! (6/29/2017)

7 Month Old Pregnant Woman Overdoses!!

These heroin overdoses are getting out of control! It is a damn shame that this innocent baby will probably not survive this all due to the fact that her mother was a heroin user. Also, this lady’s boyfriend better be charged with murder too for hiding the fact that she was overdosing! If any of you out there is suffering with addiction or knows someone who is please attempt to get yourself or that person help!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: More McDonald’s Fuckery!!! (6/28/2017)

Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct After Watching Porn On Mcd’s WiFi

Man Watched Porn On Mcds Wifi

Banish this man to the library with the rest of the freaks who thinks it’s ok to view porn in the open like this!

McDonald’s Employee Beaten Up Over Broken Ice Cream Machine!!

Mcd’s Fight Over Broke Ice Cream Machine

Well, imagine that the ice cream machine wasn’t working.. Mcdonald’s I think some people are sick of you faulty machines!!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Police Mistake Drywall For Cocaine, Innocent Man Spends 90 Days In Jail!! (6/28/2017)

Man Serves 90 Days For Dry Wall Mistaken For Cocaine

These officers took a look at this man’s wrap sheet and started assuming that since he has had an arrest record for drugs that he would be holding.. FYI the cops can trigger these drug sniffing dogs to alarm on cars even if there isn’t any drugs in the car.. We wish this man the best of luck on his journey to get restitution for this!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Stunt For YouTube Gone Wrong: Pregnant Girlfriend Shoots And Accidentally Kills Boyfriend!! (6/28/2017)

YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong

It is truly sad that we’ve become a society that place validity on how many likes we can get on social media! I often question what some of you folks would do if social media wasn’t a thing.. Anyways, we at would like to send our condolences to this man’s family and friends, what a tragedy!

(UPDATE 12/20/2017) Girlfriend Pleads Guilty To This Shooting!!

(UPDATE 3/15/2018): Sentenced To Six Months’ Imprisonment For Shooting!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: California Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Sleeping Passenger!! (6/27/2017)

Uber Driver Took Passed Out Intoxicated Woman To Hotel For Sexual Assault! PSA: Please ladies and gents, dont over do it!! We understand that it’s summer time and a lot of parties will be going on and drinks and other party favors will be had in abundance.

I’m beginning to think Uber needs to be more strenuous in their hiring processes because it seems as if they are hiring all the wrong people!!

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