Fuckery Flashback: In Memoriam : Video Tribute To The Musicians Who Perished In 2016 (12/30/2016)


RIP Prince, videos keep getting taken down due to copyrights!

Earth, Wind & Fire Lead Singer Maurice White

John Berry (Original Beastie Boys memeber,credited with coming up with the name Beastie Boys)

Berry wasn’t around at this time and point of the Beastie Boy’s career, but if you haven’t notice the theme of these songs so far, I maybe in the mood to ring in the New Year!!!

David Bowie

Bonus Video :Puffy ft. Mase and Biggie – Been Around The World

No Puffy and Mase DIDNT DIE this year!!!I Included this video due to Puffy sampling the fuck out of Bowie’s Lets Dance

A Tribe Called Quest Member Phife Dawg

George Michael

These individuals defiantly left their mark on the music industry, not only the industry, the whole god damn world! RIP you all will be missed!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Armed Man Shot By Officer, Man Claims He Was Testing ‘Theory’ (12/29/2016)

Man Theory

We at humanfuckery.com wouldn’t suggest anyone try this, especially if you are any type of ethnicity. When I first came across this headline I said to myself ” no one of any ethnicity would try this”, I was wrong! It is apparent that this guy hasn’t been paying attention to any sort of police matters the past few years. Video and more info on this “theory” is available in the link above!