Fuckery We Missed: Meet The Family That Pole Dances Together!!! (7/18/2018)

Pole Dancing Family!!!

Excerpt From Article:

‘I was pole dancing when I was pregnant with both of the girls and I think that when they were born they felt that they were already a part of that art,’ she says. But Lindsey isn’t the only pole dancer in the family. Her partner, Jake Night, also dances and together, they’re teaching their three children to twirl like the best of them. They’ve got a pole set up in their living room; the couple’s 11-year-old son Aiden practices every day after school.

‘We pole dance every day if not more, I dance at work obviously, then the kids dance when I’m not here and they also dance when I’m here,’ Lindsey says.

Do you know how hard it is to do things together as a family and get 100% participation especially from your kids??? Today kids would rather be glued to their technology, speaking of technology lets hope that some of Aiden’s classmates dont get bored and start searching for info on Aiden because if they find this article we can only imagine how much backlash he will receive, it maybe so bad he may quit poling!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Who Fucked Horse Said It Gave Consent By Winking At Him!!! (7/18/2018)

Not actual filly assaulted

Horse Gave Consent By Winking!!!

Excerpt From Article:

The trainer said he and his staff suspected disturbances at the stables in the month before, and installed CCTV cameras as a security measure.

When the cameras triggered an alarm on the evening of January 22, a trainer saw Webb-Jackson opening a number of stables and called the police.

Police found Webb-Jackson crouching in the corner of a fourth open stable, where he was arrested after a short scuffle with police and taken to Grafton police station.

During police interviews Webb-Jackson admitted to committing two sexual acts with a horse.

He told police the filly smelt his crotch and winked at him, which he believed was the animal giving consent, The Daily Examiner of Grafton reported.

Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!! For similar incidents of fuckery please feel free to visit the see also links below!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Virginia Man Calls Cops After Being Fouled In Basketball Game!!! (7/18/2018)

Virginia Man Calls Cops After Being Fouled In Basketball Game!!

It’s apparent that the person who called the cops over this fuckery doesn’t have an understanding of basketball!! There are times in any sort of b-ball game where hard fouls occur… As a player myself (been playing competitively since 4th grade) I’ve encountered all types of hard fouls during pick up games and never have I ever thought “oh that was pretty rough, I should call the cops over it”.. I have so many examples of rough plays from pick up games for example: I was elbowed directly in my lip and this injury required stitches, I’ve been tackled before out of mid air, this list could go on and on… What I suggest for the fool who called the police is to hang up your sneakers and be done with pick up basketball, it’s time for you to find a new hobby bud!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Faked Brain Cancer, Stayed With South Jersey Family for 5 Weeks!!! (7/18/2018)

Psychopath/Pathological Liar Fakes Brain Cancer!!

We feel sorry for this family who took her in.. Yes you were conned by this bitch, don’t beat yourself up over this!!! This bitch who lied about her illness is a grade A psychopath/pathological liar who would stoop to any level to get what she wants!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Tried To Haggle Over Price Of Gummy Bears Before Head-Butting 7-Eleven Clerk!!! (7/17/2018)

Headbutted Over Gummy Bears!!

Excerpt From Article:

Employees at the 7-Eleven at Antelope Road in White City called deputies to report an assault and shoplifting.

“Employees reported a customer tried to ‘haggle’ over the price of a package of gummy bears,” the sheriff’s office said in a report. “When he wasn’t satisfied with the employee’s refusal to lower the price, the customer opened the package and began eating the candy.”

“The employee told the customer to either pay for the candy or leave the store without it,” according to the sheriff’s office. “The customer began shouting profanities at the employee. He ‘head-butted’ the employee in the face and left the store on foot.”

Using surveillance camera footage, deputies identified the suspect as 44-year-old Mark Eugene Shepard, described by the sheriff’s office as “a White City-area transient.”

Deputies caught up with Shepard early Saturday morning at a White City home.

“Shepard admitted to being involved in the incident at 7-Eleven,” according to the sheriff’s office. “When deputies took Shephard into custody, they located a pipe with methamphetamine residue on his person.”

It’s definitely ok to haggle when the opportunity presents itself but haggling over gummy bears cmon man!!! Gummy bears at the most maybe cost $2 depending on the brand, one can assume that this man must of been high as fuck on meth that day!!


Today’s HumanFuckery: He Switched Seats With Drunk Driver After Crash — But He Was Drunk Too!!! (7/17/2018)

DUI Seat Swap Fail!!

Excerpt From Article:

When officers tracked down the car nearby just after 9 p.m., 28-year-old Rudolf Giancola was behind the wheel showing “obvious signs of intoxication,” according to Petaluma police. But Giancola hadn’t been driving the car during the crash, police said.

Giancola’s passenger, 28-year-old Mary Stewart (a Wisconsin resident who was also displaying “obvious signs of intoxication”) was behind the wheel during the collision, police said. But the pair allegedly swapped seats after the crash “due to Stewart’s state.”

Giancola’s state can’t have been much better than Stewart’s: Both Stewart and Giancola had blood alcohol levels that were more than twice the legal limit in California, according to chemical tests used by police.

Giancola and Stewart were arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Jail on charges of driving under the influence, according to police.

Police figured out the two had switched seats while interviewing the two suspects, authorities said.

Giancola was on probation for an earlier DUI offense, police said.

Thankfully no one was injured in this incident of fuckery.. This man is definitely going to jail since he was already on probation for DUI!! Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen fuckery like this, check the see also link below!!

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Fuckery We Missed: Authorities Chase Stolen Fire Truck Through 5 Cali Counties!!! (7/16/2018)

Two Arrested After Stealing Fire Truck!!!

I think this maybe the first time we’ve covered someone stealing a firetruck, usually it’s ambulances and cop cars..

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Fuckery We Missed:‘Kill All The Jews” Florida Man Charged With Attempted Murder Charges After Plotting To Burn Down Condo!!! (7/16/2018)

‘Kill All The Jews”

We didn’t really miss on this fuckery when this story dropped, we’ve had it cued up but for some odd reason we’re getting to this fuckery now… on a slow news day!! Good thing people spoke up about this fucktard because if they didnt and this fucktard carried out his plot it would’ve caused some major damage!!!