Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Arrested And Accused Of Pissing On 11 Year Old Girl While In Line For Ride At Oklahoma State Fair!!! (9/20/2017)

18 Year Old Man Accused Of Pissing ON 11 Year Old Girl!!

Excerpt From Article:

Police spoke with an 11-year-old girl who stated she was standing in line for the “Street Fighter” ride with a friend when she felt something on her leg. Reports show the girl turned to look and observed a man, later identified as Tribble, with his genitals out urinating on the ground.

The girl then said something to Tribble and his friend, 18-year-old Nick Gibson, and the men laughed. She then got out of line and told her father about the incident.

I got excited when I saw that there was as Street Fighter ride… After further research I found out that this ride had nothing to do with Street Fighter (see image below) the video game!! Back to the issue at hand… If my daughter told me that she saw a random guy pissing in front of her that dude would get a beat down, what a nasty fuck!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: ”Mad Pooper” Wanted In Colorado!! (9/19/2017)

Mad Pooper Wanted In Colorado!!

You’d figured that this lady would make sure to take a shit before she started her run!! I mean that the first thing I do before I take off for a jog!! Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we’ve came across a person taking a shit in public on other people’s property… Please feel free to check out the see also links below!!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Instagram Live Video Leads To Texas Fugitive’s Arrest!!! (9/19/2017)

Instagram Live Video Leads Authorities To Fugitive Wanted In Texas!!

One can be sure that this man knew he was wanted for murder… If this man knew this why the fuck would he get on Instagram to show off your guns?? This story should be a cautionary tale to all criminals out there, the police monitor social media so you may wanna reconsider what type of things you post on social media!!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Sets Himself On Fire At Bank After Getting Annoyed At Waiting Too Long!!! (9/19/2017)

Man Sets Himself On Fire Inside Of Bank!!

Excerpt From Article:

It is believed Islam, from Myanmar, had wanted to withdraw $442 from his account but became angry because he had to wait a long time.

So he allegedly walked to a nearby service station and bought 11.33 litres of fuel for $14.71.

This incident of fuckery happened in November of last year but the trial is officially starting this week!! This fuckery is just plain senseless and silly. This dummy couldn’t be patient and just wait.. Jeez!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Indiana Woman Arrested After 6 Week Old Boy Tests Positive For Heroin!!! (9/19/2017)

6 Week Old Baby Test Positive For Heroin!!

Excerpt From Article:

According to a doctor from the Indiana State Department of Toxicology, the boy would have either had to ingest heroin orally or breathe in the powder in order to test positive.

So pretty much this bitch was giving her poor baby heroin.. Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a sad story like this one that involved parents giving their children heroin or other durgs !!!

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