Today’s HumanFuckery: Priest And Son Charged With Beating 12 Year Old Boy (12/24/2016)

We are glad that this young boy escaped these religious zealots. In our society we really dont have a say on what type of religion we are, we usually have religion forced upon us by our families.. After all this fuckery, hopefully they dont force this 12 year old to continue to attend this perish, these two have already damaged this young man enough!

Fuckery Flashback: Free Donna Goudeau (12/23/2016)

In this instant classic, Donna blessed us with so many quotable quotes! My personal favorite is this quote “They say I drove the getaway car but I cannot see because I’m legally blind”. After she makes this statement a few more times a reporter asked ” So you cant see at all?” Donna Replies with “huh?” and looks in the direction of the reporter asking!!! This clip is 4 minutes of pure fuckery!! I also included a remix of the original clip down below!

Today HumanFuckery: Texas Man Fatally Stabs Step Mom Over “Gloating” About Dallas Cowboys Victory (12/22/2016)

Stabbing Over Cowboys Victory

As a Dallas Cowboys fan this story pains my heart!! The Cowboys are having a historic run that no one could have predicted! With the Boys rolling and really no signs of slowing down entering the playoff, we Cowboys fans should be feeling ourselves. Unfortunately, this lady’s pride in the Boys ended up costing her life. We at send our condolences to the friends and families who have to deal with this fuckery! Attention Jerry Jones, you better send some flowers to this lady’s funeral from the team, its the least you could possibly do!