Fuckery Flashback (11/11/2016)

Rappin’ for Jesus A.K.A. Jesus is my N*GGA!!! I bet this ”pastor” could out rap some of these so called rappers out today.

Next up we have IceJJFish’s video On The Floor. This video some how managed to get almost 53 million views in about a 2 year period.. I can make it through about half of this video before my ears cant take anymore of it, how long can your ears endure?

It’s so cold in the D! How the fuck do we ‘sposed to keep peace? What’s all on a n*gga’s mind? Murkin’ and doin’ time!!! Detroit stand up!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Firefighters In Chorizo Sex Assault May Avoid Jail Time By Accepting Plea Deal (11/9/2016)

Firefighters May Not Face Jail Time For Sexual Assault

So…..Is this what firefighters do when they have down time? The actions by these folks remind me of something kids that are in junior high or high school would do, not firefighters! I’m hopping that the victim of this sophomoric assault got some sort of restitution for the fuckery he had to endure!


Today’s Humanfuckery: Introducing The New President…. Donald Trump (11/9/2016)


Well… I’m sure a lot of us out there are blindsided by Trump’s victory.. Some of us out there may have had a plan b if the unthinkable happened. NPR reports that Canada’s Immigration website was down for hours during the election, this spike in traffic is no coincidence. For those who aren’t looking to relocate to another country, sit back,try and relax,and watch all the carnage unfold!

source:npr.org photo:snopes.com

Today’s HumanFuckery: CU In The NT!! Offensive Or Brilliant Marketing Strategy? (11/8/2016)


CU in the NT Ad Campaign

I’ve seen this story floating around the net these past couple days and today my curiosity and the need for some sort of levity going into this Election Day got the best of me! In this clever allusion we all know what this ad is alluding but most of us stateside may not know what the NT in the ad stands for (Northern Territory which is located in Australia)! For more information on this witty ad campaign go ahead and check out the link above. For official CU in the NT merchandise check out their Official Facebook Page!

sources:huffingtonpost.com image:abc.net.au

Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Arrested On Arson Charge Manages To Escape In Cop Car!!! (11/8/2016)

Is this woman a modern day Houdini or did the authorities drop the ball on this one? There are a few things that I question: (1) Was she originally cuffed behind her back? (2) Why does it look like she still had her purse on her after she was detained? Anyways,on top of the arson charge you can go ahead and tack on fleeing an officer charge, grand theft auto, ect..ect…

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