Today’s HumanFuckery: Person Critically Injured Trying To Rappel Down Building To Retrieve Drone That Lost Power!


Man’s Version Of Story

Woman’s Version Of Story

I decided to go with “person” in the headline instead of giving the gender because I’ve read two different stories from two different sources and I’m uncertain on which one is accurate. I feel as if in this situation a woman would take a different approach than trying to rappel down a building like they do in the movies to retrieve this drone! I Could see this person humming the Mission Impossible theme in the process of this act. Nevertheless, we at wish this person all the best and a speedy recovery!

Today’s HumanFuckery: 18 Year Old Man Charged With Murder After He Attacks Grandma For Hiding His Beer! (11/7/2016)


18 Year Old Charged With Murder After Attack Grandma Over Beer

This boy was probably fighting his grandma over a case of Natural Ice. I know that when I was his age I would go for any beer that would get me fucked up the quickest, who gives a shit about taste.. We at send our condolences to this family, I can only imagine how much they are going through with this fuckery!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Taco Bell Employee Gives Customer A Beat Down (11/3/2016)


Taco Bell Employee Gives Customer A Beat Down

This employee did what everyone who has ever worked in any service industry wished they could do to a customer who is rude,unruly, or just down right disrespectful! Duane Massie pulled some gangsta shit by clocking out and proceeding to put hands on this customer..

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