Fuckery Flashback: Viral Internet Stars: Special Ed Edition (1/6/2017)

If you were following the correct people on Instagram or on Vine, you have probably came across one of these 3! These 3 were virtually all over the place for a minute doing and saying all types of fuckery which you have the pleasure of viewing below!

Welven Da Great

Welven Da Great single handily brought back the phrase ” Deez Nutz”!! In a state of pure elation from him dropping that joke on his unsuspecting father Welven Da Great screams GOTTTTEM!! which entered everyone’s lexicon for a few weeks (dont lie)..

Real Wings

Next up we have Real Wings.. The first video pretty much sums up my first impressions of Real Wings which was, “Who is this sloth who invaded my timeline??”


Last but not least, we have A-town! With his exotic hair color(which reminds me of Rodman) he may have the most style in my opinion between the 3.. But in all actuality the 3 of them have their own distinct styles that kept us entertained.

In closing, these 3 had one hell of a run on social media, hopefully they enjoyed ever minute of their internet fame!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Wisconsin Man Used Homemade Taser To Subdue Woman, Then Placed Her In Wooden Box (1/5/2017)

Wisconsin Man Places Woman In Wooden Box

No, this isn’t a scene form a horror movie, this is real life! We all should be glad this lady did everything she could to escape this sick fuck, if she didn’t fight and just conceded I’m sure that this would of ended in this lady not being alive! In the link above there is more information on this ladies daring escape!


Today’s HumanFuckery: Video Game Bought At Target As A Christmas Present Contained Porno DVD (1/4/2017)

At least Target gave this lady a gift card for the amount of the game. In this situation Target isn’t the one to blame, its the distributors fault. They probably had some rouge employee who was on fuckery one day and just said “eh fuck it I’m gonna place this copy of Sensual Seductions 2 in here just for shits and giggles! This isn’t the worse case of DVD/Game mixup that I can think of, the Philadelphia Phillies (MLB Team) mistakenly sent out DVD’S containing hours of cockfights!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: DWI Suspect Failed Attempt To Avoid Being In The Newspaper (1/4/2017)

Failed Attempt To Hide DWI Arrest

Those of you out there who haven’t been arrested before in your life, this experience can be humiliating, especially if you live in a small town. In a small town the police reports that newspapers run are almost on par with the New York Post Page 6, it is the gossip page for that community! So with that being said, I understand why this man attempted to do this. I’m willing to bet that he came up with this idea when he was still drunk and it probably sounded great but he forgot to factor in that the police reports also are posted online. We at humanfuckery.com wish him all the best in court, we also want to offer up this tidbit of advice, don’t skimp on a cheap lawyer!