Today’s HumanFuckery: Is This A Case Of Pimpin At Its Finest? Woman Makes 20 Boyfriends Buy Her an iPhone 7 Each, Then She Flipped The Phones To Buy A House!!! (11/2/2016)


Pimpin At Its Finest?

In this case I would have to say YES, this is pimpin at its finest.. After reading this article there are few things I questions on my part: (1) Where is a picture of this so called lady? (2) how does she have a stable of dudes that are willing to dropping money like that?(3) How does she manage to juggle 20 dudes?

These questions lead me to do some more research on this story, which lead me to this buzzfeed news story with the alleged origins of this story. Check out both links and you be the judge!!


Today’s Humanfuckery: 8Booth Arrested For His Crazy Stunts (10/29/2016)


8booth Arrested

8Booth, this arrest may make you wanna chill on the daredevil shit for a min.. I can tell by your grin on your face you’re already plotting and scheming your next stunt! All I’m saying 8booth is be careful, I really dont want to do a report on you dying tragically!

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