Today’s Humanfuckery: 8Booth Arrested For His Crazy Stunts (10/29/2016)


8booth Arrested

8Booth, this arrest may make you wanna chill on the daredevil shit for a min.. I can tell by your grin on your face you’re already plotting and scheming your next stunt! All I’m saying 8booth is be careful, I really dont want to do a report on you dying tragically!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: Missouri Man Who Staged Fake Porn Auditions (10/29/2016)


Missouri Man’s Fake Porno Business

I saw this fuckery a few days ago but the news source that I read wasn’t very informative on this matter. I could see why some of these girls were all for doing “scenes” with this guy because of how much he was offering.. He was offering up to $33k, which is waaaay to much for shooting a first time scene!! He then proceeds to show how much of a life he is by adding further insult to injury by vindictively sending pictures or movies to the woman’s boyfriend or employers!! You sir are on fuckery!