Today’s HumanFuckery: Teens Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Albuquerque Homeless Man!!! (4/18/2018)

Teens Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Albuquerque Homeless Man!!

Excerpt From Article:
According to police, the boys — ages 15 and 17 — had been coming and going from a hotel party early March 18 when they shot and killed 50-year-old Ronnie Ross. An autopsy for Ross showed he was shot nearly a dozen times — including multiple times in the back.

Friends and acquaintances of the boys told detectives that the two suspects had been showing off a gun at the party, and had said to others that they had shot a man. At one point, the younger boy also said to a close friend at the party that he shot a “hobo” in the back, according to police.

After leaving the party, the two boys made one more stop at the crime scene to find Ross still alive, and then the older boy shot him multiple times, later telling a friend about it, according to a criminal complaint.

The friend told police that the boy had shot the man to “finish him off.”

Honestly when I was the age of these two fucktards the only thing I was concerned with was GIRLS…. Not senselessly murdering a homeless man! Enjoy your life sentences you dummies!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Distracted By YOUTUBE!!!! New Mexico Father Arrested After Baby Nearly Drowns In Bathtub!!! (4/18/2018)

Albuquerque Father Arrested After Baby Nearly Drowns!!

Excerpt From Article:

Mark Ramirez, 33, was booked into the county jail Saturday. He is charged with abandonment or abuse of a child with great bodily harm. The baby, referred to only as CR, was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital and was on life support.

The Associated Press reports authorities say medical personnel were able to start the baby’s pulse and hook her up to a ventilator.

BCSO spokeswoman Felicia Maggard said CR is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, but she would not say what her condition was Monday.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court, around 10:45 p.m. Friday, detectives were called to North De Baca Circle SW, near Isleta and Arenal, for a baby who had nearly drowned.

Ramirez told detectives he had put the baby in the bathtub and began filling it with water. He said he then left CR in the tub and went to the living room where he became distracted while watching videos on YouTube, according to the complaint. When he remembered CR was in the bathtub, he found her floating with the water filled to the top and tried to do CPR.

Thank god this baby survived this!!! You’ve gotta be a special type of fucktard if you place a 8 month old baby in a bathtub unattended with the water running….. but wait there’s more…. The reason all this happened was due to you watching YOUTUBE!!!! Unbelievable!!!

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Fuckery We Missed: Man Beat A Puppy To Death And Tried To Make Money Off Its Pain!!! (4/17/2018)

Man Beats Dog, Sets Up A GoFundMe, Makes $14k!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

A Burlington County man who raised more than $14,000 on GoFundMe to cover his German Shepherd’s vet bills is accused of causing the injuries that led to the puppy’s death.

Police said they became suspicious of Reid M. Herjo, 24, of Medford, after he was pulled over for speeding in January while taking his then-14-week-old puppy, Atlas, to the veterinarian. He told officers Atlas was hit by an ATV, police said.

Less than a week later, Atlas died from hemorrhaging and numerous fractures from additional injuries, authorities said.

Herjo had Atlas for less than three months and suffered injuries at least three times, before dying in February at 5 months old, police said.

Atlas died on Feb. 3 “under suspicious circumstances as there was evidence Atlas sustained additional trauma,” authorities said.

Herjo set up a fraudulent GoFundMe for veterinary bills, raising more than $14,000 for injuries he claimed the dog sustained in a hit and run accident, police said.

He closed the campaign the day after Atlas died.

Herjo was charged with animal cruelty and theft by deception.

GoFundMe said Herjo has been banned from its platform, and that all donors will receive a refund.

This man better face some jail time for these vile acts.. It’s truly sad and sick what some folks will do for money these days!!!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Newborn Baby Found In Duffel Bag Left On New Jersey Porch!!! (4/17/2018)

Newborn Baby Found In Duffel Bag Left On Trenton NJ Porch!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

Authorities are seeking the mother of a newborn boy who was found in a duffel bag left on the porch of a home in Trenton.

According to police, the child was not more than two days old when it was found Sunday.

The boy was taken to a hospital for an evaluation and appears to be in good health.

It’s not clear how long the child may have been on the porch before he was found.

The child will remain in the care of state child welfare officials.

AP wire services helped contribute to this report.

Here’s our PSA of the week: If you need to safely abandon your newborn you can drop them off at a hospital,fire station, or police station… Those places are baby safe havens.

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Today’s HumanFuckery:Canadian Couple Tied Up Man They Claim Visited Home For Sex With 13 Year Old Daughter!! (4/16/2018)

Canadian Couple Ties Up Man They Claim Visited Home For Sex With 13 Year Old Daughter!!!

Usually when we use the term “parent/s of the year” we’re usually using it in a sarcastic tone but in this case we’re using it in a authentic tone! If these parents found evidence of this grown ass man attempting to have sexual contact with a 13 year old girl their actions are just in our book!! For their heroic actions we deem them front runners for Parents Of The Year!!!

Fuckery We Missed: Man Asks Clerk About Stealing Beer; Steals Beer And Lands Himself In Jail!!! (4/16/2018)

Man Asks Clerk About Stealing Beer; Steals Beer And Lands Himself In Jail!!!

Due To Length Of Article We’ve Decided To Repost:

SEBASTIAN, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man asked the store clerk, “What would happen if I stole some beer?”

Police say Christopher Maxwell soon found out.

Sebastian police told the 33-year-old Maxwell entered a convenience store at 2:30 a.m. Friday but was told he couldn’t buy beer because alcohol sales are banned in the city between 1 and 7 a.m. In response to Maxwell’s question, the clerk replied she would call 911. Maxwell still grabbed two 18-packs of Bud Light and left. The clerk did as she said.

Police found Maxwell nearby with an 18-pack in each hand. Officers said he struggled when they tried to arrest him. He remained jailed Sunday on charges of petty theft and battery on a police officer. Records don’t show if he has an attorney.

You have no one to be mad at but yourself in this incident of fuckery!! Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!!

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Today’s HumanFuckery: New York Police Seized Arsenal of Weapons, Magazines From Pizza Man Who Threatened School Employee!!! (4/16/2018)

NY Pizza Man Threatens To Shoot Up School!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Police on Long Island seized an arsenal of illegal guns, including one equipped with a bump stock, along with hundreds of high capacity magazines from a pizza delivery man after checking out a “threatening” message he allegedly left for an employee at a school for troubled youth.

The man was apparently carrying a “grudge” against the employee of Summit School in Upper Nyack, Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron said a news conference Sunday. He “felt slighted by this individual from an encounter back in 2002,” Cameron said. Summit is a school for students “with social and emotional difficulties.”

Another school employee alerted police to the message, which was left on an answering machine. The call prompted police to make a “welfare check” Saturday at the home of Robert Csak, 32, of Lindenhurst, N.Y. Newsday described Csak as a pizza delivery man.

The apartment was sparsely furnished, with only a mattress, and a plastic chair and table. The officer, a military veteran, looked inside, saw the weapons and recognized them as illegal, Cameron said. Police then obtained a search warrant and seized them, Cameron said.

So this pizza man waited 16 years to plan revenge on a alleged grudge, don’t you think after that long of a period of time you’d forget about whatever said grudge was about?? We all should be thankful that this nutjob was stopped before innocent lives were lost over a 2002 beef!!