Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Uses Drone To Catch His Wife Cheating! (11/15/2016)

Sometimes when your in a relationship you just get a hunch that something is amiss with your partner. Yaog noticed that his wife was being called in to work earlier for a few weeks and then finally received info from someone that something maybe going on! Instead of accusing his wife of cheating , which would probably lead to a argument and her vehemently denying that she is unfaithful , Yaog had genius idea to gather hard evidence! If you decide to leave your wife Yaog has some advice… The biggest thing we can suggest is take your time getting back in to the dating scene! A lot of people are gonna try and set you up with various women, but you take your time and dont rush back into anything!!

(Update 11/11/2017) Couple Reconciles After Husband Who Thought Wife Was Cheating Used Drone to Follow Her

Today’s HumanFuckery: 71 Year Old Lady Dies After Paida-Lajin (Slap Therapy Class) !! (11/15/2016)

Elderly Woman Dies After Slap Therapy

This method is called Paida-Lajin, which I honestly feel is a cockamamie healing process that involves a person getting slapped or slapping themselves…. I kinda want to test the waters and become a certified Paida-Lajin healer, I wouldn’t mind people paying me money to slap them!! Check the link above for more information on this ladies death. Also check out the short clip below of a slapping salon in San Francisco (Which after further research is closed…Imagine that!!)