Fuckery Flashbacks (9/16/2016)

This weeks fuckery flashback we are going take a comprehensive look at some of the gems of the now defunct BET show called Bet:Uncut

First up we have the certified banger by Black Jesus entitled… What that Thang Smell like!!!!

First off, if I gotta know what that thang smell like… I dont want it! Second, the smell test that he kicks the video off instantly makes the viewer ask themselves’ “wtf is this train wreck”. Everytime after watching this video the god damn hook gets stuck in my head!!

Next up we have……

Waxamillion- No panty’s on the dance floor

The hook on this one!! I want to play this song so badly at a bar around closing time to see what type of fuckery would ensue!

Finally.. The best uncut video in my opinion drum roll please……..

Nelly-Tip Drill

Never been a fan of Nelly… Just watch the video and you’ll understand why it’s my personal favorite!!