Today’s HumanFuckery: ”Adulting” School”, Is This A Good Or Bad Thing?? ( 11/29/2016)

”Adulting School!

Say this out loud to yourself…. ” A school to teach you how to be an adult”. I understand that some of us out here were spoiled kids that didn’t have to do shit around your household (I admit I was one of those kids), which ultimately led to you not knowing shit when you get out into the real world! You can make a case that these millennials not knowing what to do is from parents not being teachers and teaching their kids what to do, but on the other hand these kids probably don’t want to learn this shit either. That is where this ”adulting” school comes into play!! This school offers expert information in: financial basics, health and wellness, make it and fix it skills, and relationship and communication! If you would like to get more information on this school go head and check out If you got a minute, check out the What’s Your Adulting IQ Quiz!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Introducing…. Pornohub Records (11/29/2016)

PornoHub Records

This possibly could be a win/win for PornoHub! If this record label doesn’t materialize into anything they can fall back on what got them successful.. With that being said, we at wish you all the best in the record business! Above is the first official music video Mykki Blanco feat. Jean Deaux – “Loner” and a link with more information on how you can get your music discovered!

Today’s HumanFuckery: This Woman’s Tirade.. (11/29/2016)

It is apparent that this lady is off her meds! In this 10 minute tirade she carries on about how she voted for Trump, how she is being discriminated against by the workers in the store, and calls the cops because she’s being discriminated against. We personally think this lady needs a hobby, which is ironic because this fuckery happened in a Michael’s (arts and craft store) or she needs to get some dick in her life, MAYBE that will calm her ass down.. If shes acting out like this over nothing, I’m sure her craziness has scared away quite a few men!

Today’s HumanFuckery: Texas Man Arrested For Passing Out Porn DVDS During Halloween (11/28/2016)

Man Arrested For Handing Out Porn DVD’S During Halloween

I know this story is a little old but there is just too much fuckery going on here! I can see how this could of happened, their was a time and point in my life where I had acquired a vast collection of burnt disk and there were times when I’d burn something and forget to label the disk or I’d even mislabel a disk. In this case, I wonder what made this man think that kids would want his old DVDs? Do children actually use DVDs anymore? Why would you pass out DVDs not knowing what are on them? I wonder what type of porno was discovered in this incident of fuckery? So many questions that need answers!!!!