Today Is Grab Some Nuts Day!! (8/3/2018)

Yes!!! you’ve read that correctly, but it isn’t the type of nuts that you’re thinking of LOL!! The nuts your supposed to be grabbing today are nuts you’re supposed to eat, you know peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachio, ect ect.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t put our own little spin on Grab Some Nuts Day and post some fuckery involving nuts AKA testicles,balls,cojones,family jewels, nut sack, nards… You folks get the point!! Haha

Georgia Woman Arrested For Trying To RIP OFF Boyfriend’s NUTS OFF!!!


Punjab Woman Severs Husband’s Genitals Over Alleged Affair, Flushes Them Down The Toilet!!


Woman Killed Father-In-Law By Squeezing His NUTS Until They Burst!!


Florida Woman Shoots Husband In The Balls After He Tries To Take Her Air Conditioner!!

Woman Accused Of Attacking Boyfriend, Mutilating His Genitals!!!


Woman Sentenced To House Arrest After Ripping Man’s Testicle Out With Her Teeth!!


Man Arrested After Removing Transgender Woman’s Balls


Virginia Man Man Charged With Assaulting Cop After Reportedly Grabbing His Cock And Balls During DUI Arrest!!

Woman From Botswana Bites Off Boyfriends Nutsack!!

Everyone Grab Some Nuts Today!!!

By @humanf_uckery

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