Today Is National Blame Somebody Else Day!!! (4/13/2018)

With today being the first Friday the 13th of the year the National Day Calendar observes today as National Blame Somebody Else Day!!! Without any further ado here’s my short list on whom I place some blame on:

Right off the bat I blame Stella Artois for me being non productive today!! I over did it last night and might do it again tonight!!

I blame the Chicago Blackhawks for my recent bouts of insomnia!!! Your horrible play this year gives me terrible flashbacks whenever I attempt to close my eyes to go to sleep..

I blame my girl for my recent weight gain, she makes her world class lasagna at least 3 times a month and I devour about 75% of it… If you’re reading please make it this weekend!

And lastly……

I blame social media for exposing some of you folks as functional retards!!!! (Not gonna name names, you all know exactly what I’m saying)!!!

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