Today’s HumanFuckery: California Man Arrested After Biting Off “Large Chunk” Of Man’s Ear!! (1/3/2018)

Man Bites Off Man’s Ear In Hot Tub!!
Excerpt From Article:

According to an affidavit of probable cause released in Utah’s 2nd District Court, detectives received a call Tuesday that stated a victim had been assaulted by Bryan David Boyack, 43, and a “large chunk” of his ear had been bitten off.

Detectives made contact with the victim at the emergency room, the affidavit said, and were told that Boyack had bitten the victim’s ear following a conversation about big corporations and conspiracy theories while the two were in a hot tub.

The victim said he worked for a big banking business, and Boyack took issue with that fact, and an “extremely heated” argument began, the affidavit said.

We at wish the victim a speedy recovery!

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