Today’s HumanFuckery: Father Abandoned 5 Year Old Son In Woods And Fled!!! (10/25/2017)

5 Year Old Abandoned In Woods By Father!!

Authorities are searching for a Mississippi man accused of abandoning his 5-year-old son in the woods.

Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley said they’re searching for 32-year-old Richard Dearman. The sheriff said Dearman told his son on Oct. 18 that they had to hide because “the law was behind him,” and told him to stand by a tree until he returned.

Authorities said the child woke up cold and alone 24 hours later, and eventually walked out of the woods, following the sound of a barking dog at a house where he found help. The sheriff said Monday that the boy had minor cuts, but is OK.

Once found, Dearman faces charges including child endangerment.

This was a short article so we decided to just repost the whole thing… We honestly hope that this assclown is found ASAP!!!

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