Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Calls Police To Report Stolen ‘Blunts’!! (9/24/2017)

Cops Called After Man’s Blunts Were Stolen!!

Excerpt From Article:

Deputies raced to the scene and spoke with the victim about the alleged home burglary.

The victim said he left and returned to find the back door open.

“I looked inside and he [the burglar] stole all my blunts, my girls’ cell phone, and like 5 dollars in quarters,” the victim told deputies.

People….if you have a cellphone install a find my phone app (i.e Find My Iphone or Find My Phone for Android) in case your phone is stolen… If this man would have had one of these apps installed he wouldn’t of had to get the police involved!!

see also:Chicago Man Shot And Killed For Not Sharing His Blunt!!!

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