Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man High On Meth Attacks Mattress In Jealous Rage!! (4/27/2019)

Tweaker Vs. Mattress

Excerpt From Article:

An apparently hallucinating Florida man used a bedpost to attack a mattress where he thought a man was hiding.

In a Facebook post , The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office quotes the girlfriend of 37-year-old Felipe Oquendo as saying that he began acting erratically early Friday. The girlfriend told deputies Oquendo thought she was cheating on him with a man he thought he saw in the mattress at their Fort Walton Beach home.

She said Oquendo hit the mattress with a bed post, ripped it apart and locked the bedroom door. She was able to escape and call police.

Of course this fuckery happened in Florida… We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again….Ladies and gentlemen.. Don’t do meth!! Visit the see also links below for more meth fuckery!!!

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