Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Stashes Meth ‘Deep’ In Belly Button!!(11/19/2019)

Meth Stashed In BELLY BUTTON!!

Excerpt From Article:

Martin Skelly, 41, was arrested Saturday after he showed up at a Clearwater McDonald’s with a loaded needle, The Smoking Gun reports.

Skelly was transported to jail where he underwent a full body search.

Despite telling officers he had no additional contraband during his arrest, a jail deputy found a baggie filled with methamphetamine “wedged deep within the belly button cavity” of the 380 lb. Skelly.

First and foremost, ladies and gentlemen:


Whoa that’s a first!! Usually when we post about the authorities finding drugs hidden on suspects it’s usually found stored in their asses or their vaginas (view see also below), not in their BELLY BUTTON!!

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