Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Man Threatens A Man With A Gun For Blocking A Grocery Store Aisle!!! (8/13/2019)

Gun Pulled Over Man Blocking Grocery Aisle!!

Excerpt From Article:

Severson told Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies he was walking down an aisle that was blocked by a man stocking shelves so he “bumped” the man with his cart to let him know he wanted to get through.

Severson said he and the man “had an exchange of words,” and the man took an “aggressive stance,” and Severson feared the man would attack him so he pulled up his shirt to show his handgun tucked into his waistband, police said.

Security footage shows Severson pushing his cart into the man, who was pushed forward and slightly thrown off balance.

Anthony Nelson Gonzalez, 29, of Key West, who works for Coca-Cola, said he was working when Severson pushed the cart into him from behind. Gonzalez told Severson he should say he’s sorry and the two argued.

That’s when Severson displayed the handgun and lifted it a few inches out of the holster but kept the barrel in the holster, police said.

We’re sure a simple “excuse me sir, can I get by please” would have sufficed , instead you “bump” this man with your cart and then threaten to shoot him… WHY!!! You deserve the charges you’re facing for your stupidity sir…

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