Today’s HumanFuckery: Florida Woman Runs Out Of Gas Steals Someone Else’s Car!! (10/3/2018)

Florida Woman Ran Out Of Gas, Steals Another Car!!

Excerpt From Article:

According to the Largo Police Department, Amie Lynn Brown, 43, was driving along East Bay Drive just after midnight Monday. When she got near the Walgreen’s at East Bay Drive and Starkey Road, Brown told police she ran out of gas and walked across the street to the CVS parking lot. There, saw Joseph Perez’s 2002 Acura sitting with the driver’s door open. She got in and drove off.

She didn’t make it very far, however. Brown only made it to the next traffic light, Lake Avenue, took a right turn and was pulled over by Largo Police, arrested and transported to Pinellas County Jail.

While being booked into jail, deputies said they found a glass pipe hidden in the defendant’s “crotch area.” Police said burnt residue on the pipe tested positive for methamphetamine.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Ladies and Gentlemen …. DONT DO METH!!!

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