Today’s HumanFuckery: Georgia Man Fires Pistol When Wife Brings Him Wrong BBQ Ribs!!! (4/11/2018)

Wife Shot At Over Wrong BBQ Ribs!!

Excerpt From Article:

The March 31 episode, first noted in a recent edition of the Monroe County Reporter newspaper, involved a husband and wife — Benjamin and Naomi Danielly — and a plate of barbecue ribs.

Benjamin Danielly, who is 74 and said to be in poor health due to complications from diabetes, first told the sheriff’s deputies that he had fired the shot because his wife was “scary,” an official write-up of the 9 p.m. encounter noted.

Naomi Danielly, 70, the report went on, at first told the deputies that her husband had fired a warning shot at an unseen intruder who was trying to break in.

When one of the lawmen found the pistol underneath a pillow on the husband’s bed, the husband was again asked what happened.

“He advised that there was no intruder, but he had gotten mad with Mrs. Danielly about bringing him the wrong to-go plate of ribs,” the sheriff’s report said. “Mr. Danielly stated that he was just trying to scare Mrs. Danielly.”

Naomi Danielly reportedly then told the deputies that her husband had, in fact, “gotten mad about the rib plate … and fired the gun in the house,” the sheriff’s report said.

However, she told a Telegraph reporter by phone on Tuesday that her husband “got mad because of something” other than the ribs, but would not elaborate. She said that she herself had been the one upset about the ribs, which she had purchased at a neighborhood cookout“They just didn’t look like ribs,” she said.

Benjamin Danielly was taken to the county jail on an aggravated assault charge, but because of his failing health he was released on his own recognizance.

We’re glad that no one was harmed in this incident of fuckery.. Both parties involved in this fuckery are wayyy too old to be acting in this manner!! We’ve covered plenty of people assaulting people over food, for more stories please feel free to visit the see also links below!!

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