Today’s HumanFuckery: Georgia Woman Arrested For Trying To Rip Off Boyfriend’s NUTS!!!! (2/17/2018)

Arrested For Attempting To Rip Boyfriend’s NUTS OFF!!!

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An Augusta woman was arrested Sunday night for reportedly attempting to tear off her boyfriend’s genitals.

At around 8:16 p.m. on Feb. 11, deputies responded to a home on Alden Drive for reports of a domestic situation. Deputies spoke with the victim, who told them that while he and his girlfriend, forty-seven-year-old Melinda Dillashaw were sitting around the house, he told her to start cleaning the house, which he says was fully covered in animal feces. He says that angered Dillashaw and she started a verbal altercation, which turned physical when she grabbed him by the genitals and attempted to rip them off.

Dillashaw told deputies the victim got mad at her for the state of the house, threw her on the ground, and tried to choke her. She says that’s when she grabbed him by the genitals and attempted to rip them off.

EMS arrived on the scene and treated the victim for bleeding coming from his genitals.

Dillashaw was placed under arrest for simple battery, family violence. While on the way to the jail, the arresting deputy says he heard her say “you’re damn right I was going to rip his nuts off.” When he asked her to repeat herself, she murmured under her breath.

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