Today’s HumanFuckery: Go Ahead Trespasser/Burglar Make Yourself Comfy In My HOUSE!!! (12/27/2018)

Here are 3 recent stories of fucktards who entered strangers homes and made themselves comfy! No need to expound on each of these stories because the fuckery pretty much speaks for itself!!

Mass. Man Man Began Cleaning Apartment After Breaking-In

Homeless Duo Charged With Burglary After Breaking Into California Home, Cooking Meal and Showering


Alleged Burglar Breaks Into House To Watch TV, Convinces Homeowner To Give Him A Ride

Excerpt From Article:

Police in York County said the man opened the door of his house only to find an intruder watching television and wearing some of his clothes.

In addition, the trespasser also helped himself to the homeowner’s food and took a shower, according to News Center Maine.

Derek Tarbox, the 35-year-old alleged burglar, somehow convinced the homeowner that Tarbox had mistaken the home for his friend’s house.

Then Tarbox reportedly asked the homeowner to drive him to another home in Hollis.

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