Today’s HumanFuckery: Illinois Bank Robbery Suspect Ran Into Walmart To Change Clothes!! (9/10/2017)

Bank Robber Attempts To Change Clothes At Wal-Mart

Excerpt From Article:

Williams then left the bank and ran northeast toward the parking lot of a nearby Walmart, according to the complaint and a statement from Skokie police.

Surveillance footage showed Williams entering the store about 10:30 a.m., entering a restroom and later exiting the restroom wearing different clothes, prosecutors said. Detectives found him in the store’s dairy section pushing a cart containing a pair of women’s shoes.

This robber probably didn’t factor that Wal-Mart probably has as many cameras in their store as a maximum security prison. Apparently he wanted to get caught if this man thought it was an appropriate time to get a little shopping done instead of changing and fleeing the store!

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