Today’s HumanFuckery: Man Who Fucked Horse Said It Gave Consent By Winking At Him!!! (7/18/2018)

Not actual filly assaulted

Horse Gave Consent By Winking!!!

Excerpt From Article:

The trainer said he and his staff suspected disturbances at the stables in the month before, and installed CCTV cameras as a security measure.

When the cameras triggered an alarm on the evening of January 22, a trainer saw Webb-Jackson opening a number of stables and called the police.

Police found Webb-Jackson crouching in the corner of a fourth open stable, where he was arrested after a short scuffle with police and taken to Grafton police station.

During police interviews Webb-Jackson admitted to committing two sexual acts with a horse.

He told police the filly smelt his crotch and winked at him, which he believed was the animal giving consent, The Daily Examiner of Grafton reported.

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