Today’s HumanFuckery: Minneapolis Cop Charged With Molesting Son’s Teen Girlfriend!!! (9/13/2017)

Cop Molest Son’s Teenage Daughter!!

Excerpt From Article:

It was unclear how or when the alleged abuse started. But, the victim said in an interview that Campbell had fondled her multiple times, often persisting even when she told him to stop, according to prosecutors. Several of the encounters reportedly happened during ride-alongs while Campbell was on-duty.

The victim told authorities that on one such occasion Campbell warned her not to report him, threatening to shoot her in the head if he got in trouble or had his kids taken away from him.

Another time, Campbell allegedly instructed her to take photos of herself — in lingerie he had bought her from Victoria’s Secret — using his cellphone and save the images in a secure phone app.

This cop probably told her statements such as: I am the law, I wont get in trouble for any of this!!! This situation was nothing but a father/cop abusing his power as an officer!

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